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YouTube is the world’s leading video-sharing platform with the content of every sphere like entertainment, science & technology, sports, and fashion, etc, and attracting the people globally. Of late, YouTube is used for commercial purposes as well. The users of YouTube are increasing by leaps and bounds in all the directions of the world. Owing to these reasons, people want to play YouTube on FireStick as well. In this post, we will learn how to install YouTube on FireStick which is very popular across the world. Adding YouTube on the device makes it more entertaining and useful.

Due to some dispute between two digital giants in 2018 YouTube has to make exit from the Amazon app store and became a third-party app for FireStick users. But now YouTube again has been available in the Amazon app store. So, the users of the FireStick can use this prominent media sharing platform that makes its users happy. With the help of Fire Stick Customer Service experts, you can use the YouTube app on FireStick anywhere across the globe without any glitch.

People have been in the habit of using YouTube for many purposes. And when FireStick makes a normal TV, a smart TV then why it would lag behind in it. So go and quip your FireStick with your dear YouTube. Here this article will help you how to install YouTube on FireStick.

The Steps of Installing YouTube on FireStick

The first step is to uninstall YouTube if present as a third party app on your FireStick. Only then users should install YouTube from Amazon App Store. Here are the steps on how to install YouTube from Amazon App Store.

1.   Switch on your Amazon fire stick and wait until your home window is uploaded.
2.   Then move to the upper left corner, and then select the search option.
3.   The next step is to type the name of the YouTube app, as you will find the app in the search results, then click on it.
4.   In the list of the apps, you can find YouTube and Click it.
5.   If you are going to use this app first time, click on get, if you have installed earlier, click on download.
6.   Wait until the app is downloaded thereafter, install it YouTube on FireStick, this process may take around a couple of minutes.
7.   In order to run YouTube, click on open. So now you can enjoy your channels and other content on YouTube.

This post is dedicated to installing YouTube on FireStick, and regarding this issue, all the details have been explained above. If you are unable to install YouTube on FireStick, you can make a contact with technical support team who will resolve your issue easily.

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How To Install YouTube on FireStick Step by Step Guide
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