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In this streaming arena, there are many streaming devices on the market, of which Amazon Fire Stick is a leading streaming device that is enabled with top-notch features. The best thing about this device is that its users can watch regular TV on Amazon Fire Stick without using a cable connection. But a few of its users are unable to watch regular TV on Fire Stick. If you are one of them, you must go through the post till the end and learn how to watch regular TV on Fire Stick with ease or you can contact firestick help number for best solution. One can stream one’s favorite on-demand content on Amazon Fire Stick by scrolling through the countless movies and TV shows, etc without using a cable.

How To Watch Regular TV On Fire Stick

There are many apps that let us stream content from regular TV on Fire Stick. The post has included a few of the prominent apps that will help you watch regular TV on Fire Stick. In order to watch regular TV on Fire Stick, no need to pay extra money for cable and satellite TV. Just you need to download apps on Fire Stick to browse live broadcast TV channels, as well as programs.

In order to watch regular TV on Fire Stick, One can download any new apps on Fire Stick by navigating to the Find option, and then clicking on “Appstore”. As you find an app you like to download, click on “Download”, and then access the search option and type the app’ name you want to download. After downloading apps on your Fire Stick, you can enjoy watching your favorite program and movies.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV app is one of the most popular apps which are dedicated to streaming live matches without spending bucks on cable and satellite TV. Moreover, Fubo TV has more than 100 sports channels. Even less popular sports, like billiards and bowling, can be watched on it. Apart from it, it has non-sport-related channels, such as CNN, TLC, and Nickelodeon. If you want to watch your favorite movies, you can also watch them. Before downloading or installing this app on Fire Stick, you must go through its terms and conditions. Being a first-time user of this app, you will have to provide your financial credentials to it, thus, you can watch your favorite sports for one month as a free trial. Make sure before reaching the last date of the month, you can cancel it otherwise, the amount will be charged as the trial ends automatically.

Peacock TV App

Peacock TV app has a wide range of content for you to browse. The Subscriptions of the Peacock app have many modes, such as free, Premium, and Premium Plus. If you want to stream content with premium and premium plus subscription, you will have to pay a few dollars every month. In case of choosing the paid one, it will let you steam content in 4K and watch live sports broadcasts. You can also access a large number of channels and on-demand content, such as Downton Abbey and Office. All the content of the Peacock app has ads, except Peacock premium plus which has a few amounts of ads for publicity breaks. If you are a fan of WWE, you are lucky as Peacock app has partnered with WWE, thus you can watch your favorite wrestling shows, such as WWE NXT, Smackdown, and WWE Friday Night. Just because of these reasons, this app is gaining popularity far and wide.

Pluto TV App

The content of the Pluto TV App is free and available on Amazon Fire TV. It comes with as many as 250 live broadcast channels providing you with the regular TV experience on Fire TV. It is a free app, users have to watch ads while streaming their favorite content on it. Similar things are faced by its users using cable or satellite TV. The major difference is that cable and satellite are not %100 free of charge. One can find all types of content on Pluto TV, like cooking, classic TV channels, sports, crime, etc. just need to click on the “channel” that you want to watch.


The ABC App is going to be one of the most prominent apps to watch live broadcast TV and on-demand content. To watch regular TV on Fire Stick, one can download this app for free; moreover, one can link one’s account between devices, thus one can stream one’s favorite shows on the go. Regardless of age, it has all types of content, such as Grey’s Anatomy, the Bachelorette, the ABC Kids Live Stream, etc.


The NBC App will allow you to watch all of your favorite channels, such as USA, True Crime, Bravo, Oxygen, etc. One can also stream on-demand TV shows and movies. If you want to watch a movie with your family, you can watch the latest Spiderman. Having a wish to watch a spine-chilling thriller, one can watch the boy or house of the witch. The NBC app can be downloaded on Fire Stick for free. Just you need to type your TV provider’s information to watch live broadcast television, as well as on-demand content. Moreover, it is associated with more than a hundred local channels in the US, thus you can watch local news even while being thousands Kilometers away from the home town.

One can watch live TV broadcast channels on Fire Stick like one watches using cable and satellite TV. The above-given apps play a pivotal role to watch regular TV on Fire Stick with ease.

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How To Watch Regular TV On Fire Stick
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