Hotstar turns out to be one of the main entertainment services to get Indian streaming content that can not only be accessed in India but also outside of this region with ease. As we know that Hotstar is dedicated to providing live content like cricket matches, Hockey, Football, Boxing Tennis, consort, and many more, apart from it, it has a good quality of streaming content. That is why people who live outside of India want to stream Indian entertainment content. But accessing Hotstar seems to be a bit difficult for people who live outside of India, by going through this post; one can Watch Hotstar Outside India easily or ask for expert assistance at firestick phone number directly.

Hotstar, In order to extend its territory, has been a partner with Disney so that all the content of Hotstar can be streamed in entire the range of Disney and India as well. The services of Hotstar are owned by star India which is one of the most renowned sports portfolios of this company. Most of the live sports coverage executed by star India is available for streaming on Hotstar. 

Hotstar can be accessed in the US, UK, and other countries as well. But, some of the Hotstar content is geo-restricted, its users do not get disappointed, but it can be streamed everywhere, no matter which regions or countries you live in.

Watch Hotstar Outside India Or Anywhere In The World

Some of the content of Hotstar are also paid and geo-restricted to India. As we know that Hotstar is also accessible in other countries, like The USA and UK. But there is a restriction on content to steam. The services which are rendered to other countries by this online platform are five times more expensive than in India. if you want premium content from Hotstar, you will have to pay $19 yearly, and if the same content is streamed in other countries, the charges become $99.99 yearly. Despite paying this amount, you are not going to access the complete library of Hotstar. 

While being Abroad, you can watch the whole content on Hotstar at the same price, but you must use a VPN service.  

With the help of a VPN, one can mask one’s online activities as well as an internet connection is safe. Thus one can stress the India version of Hotstar without having any threat issues. Most Hotstar users use express VPN which provides fast, stable, and more than 3000 servers worldwide. Thus, all the platforms can be accessed, like Mac, iOS, firestick, Android, Windows, firestick, etc. By way of going through this post, Hotstar can be streamed all over the world.

Using Indian Server To Watch Hotstar Outside India

Using express VPN, you can watch Hotstar outside India, here are a few steps that will help you connect to express VPN to an Indian location.  

Step 1: Download and install the express VPN app from its official website. 

Step 2: To start the express VPN app and connect it to one of the available Indian servers.

Step 3: Move to the home screen of express VPN, and choose location options.

Step 4: As the windows come with a server pop-up, you can, click on the “all” tab option. Here, you will find a few of the options which you like to connect by using double click on any one of them, including expand’ Africa, Middle East &India, expand India. Thus, you will be able to connect to an India server and can watch a wide range of free content which are available on Hotstar anywhere in the world whether you are in the USA or the UK by using an Indian account.  

How To Sign Up To Stream India Hotstar In The USA, UK, And Any Other Country?

Hotstar has a ton of free content that is available free and can be watched without signing up or logging in. it is possible via using a VPN that helps to connect to the India server. For doing it, you must visit the official website of to stream free content.   

If you are on the way to stream premium content, for example, live matches, you will have to follow the below-given steps that will help you register the account and subscribe to the services.  

In order to subscribe to Hotstar, you must use those debits and credits which are issued in India because it accepts payment in Indian currency, at this point; you can get help from those people who live in India who can provide you assistance. 

As soon as your payment is done, you turn on your VPN and must start streaming Hotstar India.  

Step 1: Begin by opening any web browser.

Step 2: It comes with many plans which are available in Indian Rupees, like INR 1499 Yearly and INR 299 this is a monthly premium plan to access the content. 

Step 3: For subscribing to any play, you will be asked to provide personal credentials, like entering your name, email address, and password to signup. 

Step 4: In order to make the payment, you must follow the on-page instructions to finish the sign-up process.

How To Change Region To Download Hotstar App Outside India

It depends upon your country or location, but you do not change the region by downloading the Hotstar app.

Use the Official Website Of Hotstar:

To access Hotstar in the USA or anywhere in the world, like the UK, make sure one does not need to change the region in any of the app stores. Just use the express VPN app by opening it on your computer or laptop and connecting to an India server. During the next step, you are supposed to open any browser and move to the official website of Hotstar and sign in. Thus, you will be able to stream the content of Hotstar. In order to have a better understanding, a few of examples have been provided below.      

How To Stream Content Of Hotstar In The USA?

The content of Hotstar in the USA can be streamed by its users with ease. Before that one can go through the list of the platforms and app availability.

Android: Google play store is having Hotstar in the USA, thus, you do not need to change the region to download this app. without facing any sort of conundrum, and you can download this app on your smartphones and tablets.

Amazon App store is enabled with Hotstar on it, therefore, do not need to change the region. Thus, you can easily get it on Amazon firestick or fire TV devices. 

IOS: Apple app store is also incorporated with Hotstar, therefore, no need to change the region. That is why it is available on iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch devices. 

How To Stream Content Of Hotstar In The UK?

Hotstar is available in the UK which is possible via its official website, but its users have to face the following two subscriptions plans: 

• £59.99 per year 

• £11.99 per month

After that, you can download the Hotstar app from the google play store in the UK without changing the region. Thus, you will be able to watch Hotstar outside India as in the UK. Make sure that some of the content which cannot be streamed in the UK despite getting premium subscriptions   

How To Install Hotstar On Your Firestick?

Installing the Hotstar app on your firestick needs a few steps to be followed by its users which are given below. 

• At first, you must be on the home screen of your fireStick using the remote and go to select the search option which is on the top-left corner of the screen.   

• In the search option, you must type the name of the app, like Hotstar which can be executed either using the remote or any other input device that you have. 

• Move to the search results with the help of an onscreen keyboard and select the Hotstar app. 

• After that, go to the next screen to click the Hotstar app icon.

• Now, you can click on the “download” button, as you click on it, the downloading of the Hotstar app will start, as soon as the downloading gets over, and it will be installed automatically. 

• As the installation process gets over, you find the open button on the screen.

Hotstar app is widely used across the world because it provides Indian content, as we know that the demand for Indian content is increasing ubiquitously. That is why; the number of its subscribers is increasing day by day. With the help of this post, one can use the Hotstar app on firestick easily.         

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How To Watch Hotstar Outside India Like USA Or UK?
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