Peacock TV app is one of the most sought-after apps that provide OTT video streaming service, and it is also known as NBC’s Universal new streaming services as well. Peacock comes with a lot of content to stream that can engage its users around the clock which is based on genres such as sports, movies, shows, science fiction, and many more content. In order to keep its growing problem at bay, this app needs to be updated regularly. Many of its users do not know how to update it. Taking their grievances into consideration, this post comes with a complete solution or Amazon Fire Stick support will assist you directly. 

Apart from learning how to update Peacock TV on FireStick, you must get into its insight which is given below.  

What Is The Peacock TV App?

Peacock TV is a universal NBC streaming service that lets you stream movies, live sports, dramas, comedies, and its latest original content. If you go for its ad-supported content, it does not charge a single buck from its users. On the other hand, if you want to watch its premium content, one has to pay for it which is given below.

• Free for the ad-supported program. 

• In the case of picking a premium program and its cost will be $4.99 per month.

• The cost of Ad-free premium plus will be $9.99 per month. 

How To Get The Peacock TV App On Firestick?

One can get the Peacock TV app on all the versions of FireStick with ease. If you own an older version of FireStick, you will have to sideload this app using the downloader app. but at present, it has been added to the Amazon apps store which is compatible only with the 3rd generation of FireStick or later on.  The downloading and installation process takes a few minutes if you have a new version of FireStick. 

How To Update Peacock TV On Firestick?

One can update Peacock TV on FireStick by executing two ways- either manually or enable the automatic update. 

Steps To Update Peacock TV On Firestick Manually: 

• Turn on your FireStick and go to its home screen and navigate to its Apps icon. 

• In the icon of the app, you must find the “Peacock TV app” and look over for an update.

• During the next step, you will choose the “Peacock app” and click the “three horizontal lines menu” button which is on your FireStick remote.  

• Select “More Info” and see if an update is available or not. If the update is available, you must choose the update to install the current version of the Peacock TV application. In case of finding the app is updated, you will notice the play icon on the screen. 

Update The Peacock App Enabling Automatic Updates:

In order to update all the installed apps automatically, you must turn on the automatic updates.  The following steps are going to help you enable automatic updates to update Peacock TV on FireStick. 

• Go to the home screen of your FireStick and choose the “settings” option. 

• Now, click on the “Applications icon”.

• Go to the app screen and choose “App Store”. 

• Finally, press the “Automatic Updates” to enable the feature.

• After that, whenever the app update is available, the installed app will be updated automatically. 

After going through the post, one can learn how to update Peacock TV on FireStick with ease. However, if you come across any problem; you can get support from online experts who are available around the clock, and they will resolve your problem in no time. 

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How To Update Peacock TV On FireStick or Fire TV Stick?
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