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In this modern era, Amazon Fire TV Stick is believed to be one of the best technological gifts without replacing the standard television it offers thousands of programs on the same old TV. Viewer like popular shows, 1000+top channels, 500,000+movies and TV episodes and so on. Fire TV Stick runs on special software which is called the Fire OS (Operating System).  Once in a blue moon, glitch are developed in operating system, if you want your Fire Stick to perform optimally, it has been an essential thing to know how to update your Fire Stick device.  By way of installing latest version of the operating system, it can help you solve your software glitch which used to create a problem in your Fire Stick.

Steps To Update Fire TV Stick Software

It is actually very easy to update your device, usually it takes between 15 to 20 minutes. Ordinarily, it depends on speed of internet if it is good, it takes less amount of time, otherwise, and it will take more than given time.  Now and then Amazon rolls out its latest versions. It is a good idea to update proactively and manually install them. To update your Fire Stick software, just follow the below mentioned steps.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Software Update
  1. Connect your fire TV stick into HDMI port of your TV and a power source. Now, Fire Stick appears on your TV.
  2. After connecting your Fire TV stick, you use remote to scroll up two times, as your curser reaches to “Home” tab.
  3. Now, scroll to the right and click on setting in the menu bar at the top of your home screen.
  4. To the right, scroll down and find “My Fire TV" option.
  5. Click on Fire TV and scroll down to “About" section.
  6. Now, two things appear on the screen one “check for update" and other one is to “install update".
  7. If your device is already update chooses option “Check for Update".
  8. If update is available then click on “install update" and also read a message on the right side of the panel that says about next time update will be done automatically.
  9. You are advised to leave your device on standby during this process or not to press any button on remote.
  10. After the update is completed hit on select option on your remote and power off your TV.
  11. Now, wait for updates to be installed, it takes between 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the speed of the internet connection.

By way of updating software of your device, this process will resolve your error on your Fire TV device. In case you are still facing the problem then you can get in touch with Fire Stick Support team, they will surely help you to get this thing done easily.

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How To Update Amazon Fire TV Stick Operating System
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installed Peacocktv playback videos not working

Frank DeMarco

I can’t even get my Firestick to turn on. The screen says no signal and I’ve tried everything !!

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