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Amazon Fire Stick is a top of the line device in the arena of online entertainment which is enabled with all state-of-the-art technologies. The advanced features of Amazon Fire Stick make it a cut-above-the-rest of the streaming devices. However, a few of the technical glitches cannot be ignored and one of them is how to turn off Amazon Fire Stick. Turning off button on Fire Stick is missing therefore, the users of Fire Stick have to learn alternatives how to turn off this device. The main reason for writing this blog is to provide guidance to overcome this issue with ease to its users.

The remote of Amazon Fire Stick device is sophisticated which is enabled with fire button, but it does not serve its purpose in terms of turning Fire Stick off rather it can turn off Fire TV only. The remote has many other buttons as well like volume, mute button, power button, and the home button and supports with the IR profile of your TV. Many of its users think the power button can turnoff Fire Stick, only you can turn off your TV. Make sure your Fire Stick is on. But the best part of the power button is this if you turn off your Fire TV, after 20 Minutes, it will be off automatically.

Make sure the Fire Stick does not get turned off unless you take the power cord off from the power sources or you can put it in to sleeping mode. In order to put Fire Stick on the sleeping mode, you will have to follow a few steps manually that can guide you to overcome this glitch.

Learn How To Turn Off Fire Stick

Turning off Fire Stick is possible via many ways but three most common methods are given below.

Method 1: Using Home Menu To Turn Fire Stick Off

As it has been mentioned earlier none of the method can be implied to turn off the Fire Stick. Only it can be kept on sleeping mode. Therefore, here are a few steps to keep your Fire Stick to sleep.

1. Take the remote of your Fire Stick and press the home button for 5 minutes.

2. You can continue to press the home button unless you see the popup window.

3. As you find sleep mode on the screen, you just need to click on it.

4. After that your device will go to sleeping mode and the screen will be turned black.

Method2: Turn Off Fire Stick Through Settings

With the help of settings menu, you can put the Fire Stick to sleep. By way of going through this method, make sure you are not going to turn your Fire Stick off, just send this device to sleep.

1. You must access to the home screen of your Fire Stick.

2. Other way is to press the home button which is on the Fire Stick.

3. You navigate to the menu bar in which you will find settings.

4. After that you will find “My Fire TV” option to select and click on it.

5. Now, you can scroll down till you find “sleep” option and choose it.

6. Thereafter, your Fire Stick will go to sleep and if you want to wake it up, you need to click on any button of your Fire Stick. This process will awake your device.

Method 3: Disconnect Fire Stick From The Power Plug

It seems to be strange action but it is the only way to turn off or shut down your device completely. In order to turn off this device, you can switch off  the power supply too. The main purpose of turning off the device is to provide complete rest to its software thus none of the function can run in background.

As far as Amazon is concerned, it does not provide any mode to turn off Fire Stick. Only the users can bring their device to the sleeping mode. But a few function of your device will run in background. Moreover, it is very easy to bring back your device in awaken state by way of clicking on any button on your device. In case you are facing any kind of issue with your Fire Stick device then feel free to get in touch with Amazon Fire TV Customer Service experts, who are available around the clock to resolve your issue in a minute remotely.

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How To Turn Off Fire Stick Using These Simple Methods
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