Streaming Resolution On Fire Stick

On the market, many streaming devices have made their appearance to entice the consumers, but Amazon Fire Stick is one of the leading devices in the arena of the entertainment which has millions of the customers globally, and the best part of this device is this it is enabled with Alexa remote which is operated by voice. Though it is incorporated with advanced features, the Fire Stick users encounter a few issues, and one of the common issues is its streaming resolution on Fire Stick which make leaves them irritated and spoils the mood of watching their favorite program. In order to examine the streaming resolution on Fire Stick either you can use firestick customer service or go through this blog.

Many times, the users of the Fire Stick have been spotted making complaints about Fire Stick and they say while watching their favorite programs they find the reduced quality of the screen, and the screen gets blurred. By having a closed look, you can find the blurred screen due to pixilation.  The streaming resolution on Fire Stick varies from device to device on the basis of Fire Stick, you can set your streaming resolution on Fire Stick. If your TV screen gets blurred, you wish to know about your streaming device whether it is streaming or not at 1080 p or 720 p. But a few of the prominent apps including prime video, HBO, and NetFlix do not permit you to see advanced metrics for example bitrates, frame rate, resolution, and more. To check the actual streaming resolution on Fire Stick, the following given points will help you.

Get To Know About The Streaming Resolution On Fire Stick:

• At first, you must press and hold the “Alexa” button on the remote and reach the “developer tools menu” after that you will be on the installation page, and then tap on “download” later on install the app on your Fire Stick.

• If your developer tools menu does not display on your Fire Stick, you can install the app through the web browser. After that, you must open this link and tap on “deliver”. You must sign in to your Amazon account. Thus, the app will be installed on your Fire Stick.   

• As the installation of the app is done on your Fire Stick, and then you must move towards under Appstore and then all your apps. Now click to open it.

• Now, you must go to enable the “advanced options” option, and then you will find a screen overlay on the top-right corner.

• Thereafter, you must open the “launch configuration panel”.

• You scroll down until you will find the option of audio focus stack to disable.

• Now, you must move back and play a video on any application. You find an actual screen overlay that is being played on your Fire Stick. If the screen overlay displays 1920×2160, it means the resolution is FHD. Likewise, you find the screen resolution 3840×2160 which means 4k, and 1280×720 which means the resolution is HD. Make sure it is not upscaled resolution on the other hand it is the actual one. 

• In the case of turning off the display overlay, you can click on the “developer tools menu” and then click on the “advanced option” to disable it. It is done!   

This article is enabled with enough information that can help you to check the streaming resolution on Fire Stick. In case of encountering any issues, you can coordinate with the experts who are willing to give you help remotely. 

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How To Examine The Streaming Resolution On Fire Stick
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