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When it comes to streaming favorite content in hotel rooms, many of its users find it hard to set up. Nowadays, a plethora of streaming devices are available on the market to serve but no other names strike our mind but Amazon Fire Stick because it is incorporated with unique technology that makes this device a cut above those of its competitors. Taking this tech glitch into consideration, this post comes with complete info of stream Fire Stick content in hotel, so during the traveling, its users will not face any sorts of issues. As a matter of fact, issues in streaming devices are bound to be generated and encountered by its users, if you find it apart from this one, you can get in touch with the Fire Stick Support team to resolve it.

Why Do You Need To Stream Fire Stick Content In Hotel

Every human being likes music, sports, movies, plays, and other favorite content to stream whether they are at home or on tour, or on vacation. At this point, if they are on a traveling and business trip, they have to carry it to watch their favorite content. But a few of its users are unable to stream Fire Stick content in hotel. In order to resolve this issue, read this post till the end patiently. 

To Begin With Finding HDMI Port On Hotel TV

Make sure that your hotel needs to have an open HDMI port that you can use it. Now, this is a time to follow a few steps which are given below.  

• At first, look around the back sides of your hotel TV and you will find two HDMI Ports to use.   

• In general, an HDMI cable is plugged into the TV while you are looking. The first step that needs to be performed by you is to unplug this cable.

• Mostly, Fire Stick is incorporated with a free port that can be used the HDMI extender cable comes with your fire TV stick.  

Either Find Some Power Or Carry Power Adopter

The fire TV stick comes with a USB cable in order to get power from the USB port on your TV but this feature is not incorporated with all TV, therefore, you must carry a power adopter. Trying a few of the steps that will help you to fix the power issue, are given below. 

• Sometimes a USB port is missing in hotel TV, But on which TV is mounted nearby a USB port is installed to use this device. 

• If you are unable to find a USB port for getting power, now it is going to be a little bit tricky situation. Sometimes, its users find the length of the USB cable is not long enough that cannot reach the port, in this situation one can use other micro USB cables that can handy.

Switch Inputs

After that you can turn on hotel TV and see if you want to change the source to the HDMI input on Fire Stick by following a few of the steps: 

• As we know that the TV remote is enabled with an input or source button. In general hotel keeps changing the remote of the TV from one room to another room as per the requirements. If it happens with you, you can find an input selector button which is next to the power and volume buttons on your TV.  It can be found either TV sides or bottom edge. 

• If you put everything in a required manner, you can find the Fire Stick logo on the loading screen.  

• If you have any issues to change inputs, you can move to plan B. Now, you can unplug any cable that is connected to an HDMI Port and replace it with Fire Stick.  Make sure that you will be unable to access your hotel TV channels. As soon as you finish your favorite content, you can change it back. 

Final Step To Get Connected

This is going to be a final step if you have done it this far.

• Mostly, most of the hotel has a standard Wi-Fi setup; the list of Wi-Fi will be available. 

• Now, get the Fire Stick remote that can match the provided instructions, and place your password cautiously. Most hotels use a captive portal which requires only two steps to be performed by its users. At first, provide the correct network name, and the browser window will appear within a few seconds. Now, go through the login instructions of your hotel, which may require your room number, a pre-shared password, or a checkbox in order to accept the terms and conditions of the network. Now, you can use the TV remote, if you want to type something, you will find the on-screen keyboard that will appear.  

To stream Fire Stick content in hotel seems to be tricky for Fire Stick users but if you go through this post cautiously, this issue can be fixed within a few minutes. However, if you come across any issue, you can coordinate with the experts who will help you remotely.      

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How To Stream Fire Stick Content In Hotel Room Easily
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