Amazon’s Fire Stick is a versatile device that can turn any television into a smart TV, providing access to a wide range of popular streaming content like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Along with these video streaming services, Fire Stick also supports music streaming platforms like Spotify, allowing users to enjoy their favorite music on the big screen.

There are two ways for users to enjoy Spotify on their TV through Fire Stick. One way is to mirror the music application from another device to the Fire Stick, allowing users to stream music directly from their phone or tablet to the TV. The other way is to run the Spotify Fire Stick application, which enables users to access their Spotify account directly on the TV without additional devices.

If you encounter any issue using Spotify on Amazon FireStick you can quickly resolve it. This tutorial covers most solutions to problems that users often encounter with this music application. You can also take help from experts via Firestick helpline.

What Causes Spotify Not Working On Firestick Issue?

Spotify stops working on Fire Stick due to some common reasons like unstable and weak internet or due to wrong Wi-Fi settings either on the Fire Stick or the other device that is being used for casting. 

There are several common reasons why Spotify not working on FireStick devices. One common reason is unstable and weak internet connection another common issue is incorrect Wi-Fi settings, either on the Fire Stick itself or on the device being used to cast Spotify to the Fire Stick. Besides an outdated version of Spotify can also cause problems eventually, hampering their music experience.

What Are The Solutions To Resolve Issues With Spotify On A Fire Stick Device?

There are various ways how you can resolve Spotify not working on FireStick problem. The solutions given below are arranged in an order of easy to more difficult. You would be well advised to approach the solutions in a sequential manner, starting with the easiest one before moving on to more complex troubleshooting steps.

1. Enable the volume of TV and Speakers: It is common for people accidentally or intentionally mute the volume on their TV and speaker. This hampers them from appreciating music. So make sure your TV and connected speaker are not mute to enjoy music without interruption.

2. Disruption in Spotify service: In this case, there may be little you can do except wait for the issue to be resolved and for the service to start working normally again.

3. Verify Wi-Fi connectivity: If you using Spotify by mirroring it to your Fire Stick from another device, ensure that the fire stick and the other device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

4. Check the status of Airplane Mode: For enabling a Wi-Fi connection which is a prerequisite to casting Spotify on your Fire Stick, it is necessary to disable Airplane Mode.

5. Check WI-Fi connection: To check if your device is connected to the cellular network and enable a Wi-Fi connection, turn on your Wi-Fi using the standard controls available on iOS and Android smartphones. 

6. Start your internet router and modem again: slow, interrupted, and weak internet could potentially hamper your internet connection. So ensure your modem is securely properly and restart your device and make sure the internet is consistently available without break. 

7. Update the Spotify app on your Fire Stick: Make sure you are using the latest version of Spotify Fire stick to enjoy a seamless flow of music. Old versions can potentially have playback issues.

8. Start your Fire Stick again: Restarting the Fire Stick can resolve many issues and glitches. To accomplish this task, press and hold the Select and Play buttons until the Fire Stick powers off.

9. Use the latest version of Spotify mobile or computer: if you are facing a problem in casting the music app from your other device on your fire stick, update Spotify.

10. Restart your Firestick: It is possible that the Spotify mobile or computer app is not able to detect devices to cast to. So you need to restart your fire stick at the same time keep Spotify mobile app open.

11. Prefer Spotify Fire Stick app: instead of casting the Spotify app on your Fire Stick from your any Android or smart device, prefer using the Spotify Firestick app. To do this, log into the Spotify app on your Fire Stick using your remote and browse the app, and appreciate the music. 

12. Reinstall the Spotify app for troubleshooting: It is possible that your Spotify may have got corrupt. So delete it and download it again.

13. Reset your Fire Stick: As a final course, go to factory settings and reset the device to its original factory settings. This action would restore the device to the default, removing any apps and settings that were added after the initial setup.

If nothing comes to fruition, you can always try using Spotify on another device such as Xbox, Playstation, or smart TV. You may have several options available to you that you have not yet considered.

This guide is equipped with all the information that would resolve your Spotify not working on FireStick issue. However if you are still unable to resolve the problem, you can contact to the online experts who are available round the clock to assist you.

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How To Resolve Spotify Not Working On FireStick Issue?
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