How to Reset an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are of high quality. They are specially tailored and made from cutting-edge materials. However, it’s imperative to Reset Fire TV it after an extended period of usage. After running smoothly for years, it may not perform according to your expectation in the future.

Benefits of Resetting an Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Sometimes, devices with embedded operating systems have a glitch you cannot explain and Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are no exception. Perhaps, a button on the remote does not work. Possibly, it refuses your Wi-Fi network. Maybe, it won’t phone home or even load your Prime library even after entering your Amazon Prime credentials.

Because of the inconvenience, you may fix the problem yourself without calling Fire Stick Support for assistance. Even though it may seem the only solution, never fix your gadget on your own. It may worsen the ghost-in-the-machine glitch that requires a factory reset.

Steps in Resetting your Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Resetting an Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick is not as complicated as you think. As a matter of fact, it is easy and straightforward when you know what to do and if you don’t better contact Fire TV Support. For beginners who do not have an idea about resetting an Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, take a closer look at the following:

Reset Fire TV

There are only two ways to reset it thru the system menu and remote control button combination.

Of course, all people want to jump right to the reset option. Just hold down the Back button and the Right button on your remote for a few seconds until the reset screen appears.

Another step is that you can take the longer route thru the system menu. Just navigate down the sidebar menu until you reach the settings. Once you’re there, scroll right until you see the “system” menu. Then scroll down thru the slide out menu and select the “reset to factory details.”

When you set a security PIN code, enter it on your device when prompted.

If your Fire TV can’t connect to your Wi-Fi, you cannot reset it unless the device can confirm whether your security PIN code is correct or not. For the meantime, connect your Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick to another network and select “reset.”

There you have it! Resetting your Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are not difficult. You can seek help from a specialist for your convenience. With the number of experts out there, you can find the one that suits all your needs!

After that, your device will restart. Perhaps, you’ll run thru the setup routine again to complete the process. Replacing your TV is not a such a good idea just because it does not run smoothly anymore. It may be unnecessary and quite expensive. It is always best to contact the manufacturer for other practical solutions. Aside from that, give a professional technician a call. They can bring back the function of your TV, avoid unnecessary expenses, reduce hassles, and help you acquire huge savings.

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