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Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV both devices are known for their highest quality standard. Both devices are based on latest technology innovations and uses modern processors and memory. Still it becomes necessary to Reset Amazon Fire Stick to Factory Settings after certain period of time. If these devices keeps running for a very long time, you will see a performance degradation thus reset is the only option to boost the performance. Although you will need to Reset Fire Stick in rare cases only but you should know how to do this if anything goes wrong.

Why Should You Reset Amazon Fire Stick

It’s a common tendency of electronic devices and gadgets to show performance degradation after few years of usage. Although Amazon Fire Stick's are very robust still it's just a tiny device and has certain limitations. It is always suggested by Fire Stick Support to Reset Fire Stick to Factory Settings after certain number of months or a year maximum to give it a new life. Although you should be a bit careful while doing this as this will erase everything from the device but do not worry this article will help you to do this perfectly.

Apart from performance degradation, you might also face certain issues with Amazon Fire Stick like sometimes certain Apps will start behaving strangely. Many users have complaints that some of apps are not working properly on their fire stick. In worst case scenario you might not be able to Connect Fire Stick to WiFi and if this happens, your devices will be of no use as Fire Stick always need internet connection to work. To solve these most occurring problems, you need to Factory Reset Fire Stick and then register it back with Amazon.

Reset Fire TV Stick

Steps to Factory Reset Amazon Fire Stick

If your Amazon Fire Stick is Freezing or it is just not responding the way it should, this is a clear sign that you should Reset Fire Stick to restore its normal functionality. A reset is not always required but it helps to fix most common issues that you might be facing with your Fire TV Stick. Diagnosing the actual cause can take very long time but a reset can fix the issue in minutes. Follow these steps to Reset Amazon Fire Stick to Factory Settings:

  1. Connect your Fire Stick to the TV and turn it ON
  2. On the home screen, go to “Settings"
  3. Using remote, navigate to “My Fire Stick" and click on it
  4. Scroll down and select “Reset to Factory Defaults"
  5. On the confirmation dialog box, select “Reset"

Alternate Method:

  1. On your remote, press and hold the “Back" button and Right navigation button.
  2. You should hold these two buttons together for at least 10 seconds.
  3. A dialog box will appear on your TV confirming the action.
  4. Select the “Reset" option to confirm.

After this, your Amazon Fire Stick will restart and restore its factory settings. You have to configure it again as it will be the same as the new one and all your personal settings and data has been deleted. Remember that you should only Reset Fire Stick in extreme situations as it might consume some of your time in configurations. At last if you decide to reset anyway, make sure you remember your WiFi password and Amazon account credentials as you will need them during setup process.

If you face any issues during setup of your device, you can always contact Fire Stick Customer Service in United States. They will help you with your Amazon account details and credentials but if you did not remember your Wi-Fi password then you might need to contact your internet service provider if they can assist you with that. We hope that this article will be a great help for most of users and if you want us to add something to this, kindly notify us in comment section.

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How To Reset Amazon Fire Stick To Factory Settings Quickly
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Linda Rotella

Checked with my provider and they say their systems are fine, it has to be Amazon fire stick. Will be watching a program and then the screen goes blank and jumps over to another app or it will show a box talking about entering a code for the fire stick remote. Will try to find a telephone number and hopefully speak with a “live” person to straighten this mess out.

Amit Bansal

My fire stick remote is not responding even though after change batteries


My fire stick is stuck on a screen. I can’t change screens or reset in any way. If I unplug and wait goes right back to same screen. I can’t even go to reset and go back to default n Help

Chris Biller

I lost connection when we had a power outage


after fire stick logo a screen for optimizing storage and applications loads after several minutes. this screen pops up over and over nothing else happens. i checked cables,change batteries in remote changed to different tv ‘s even but nothing else happens. i have a second fire stick that works perfectly. please help?

Lynn Cohee

I am having the same problem I have done everything I know to do including reset nothing seems to help did you get a solution to your problem? Please I need help


I don’t know the network name please help me


After factory reset ,still the display is out of screen. I canot get the fire tv menu on the screen.please help me


Hi, my stick and remote are not responding.. pairing also not working

Terrylee Fahina

I am having a frustrating day 👿 my fire stick is not working with remote control on both tv’s at the same time. I truly spent 6 hours with different so called helpers and either I don’t understand the accent or I’m live on the moon. I was told by 3 “reps” that had me go through all the resets but unable because the remotes don’t work on either tv. Please help. I have a brain tumor and can’t handle much more probs. HELP please…or I will just lay down and y’all can just throw dirt on me and we… Read more »

Akriti sharma

My fire stick is not responding… i cant see any menu on the screen when it is connected… screen just goes blank… request please help

Lawrence Bowie

My device is doing the SAME !!! NEED HELP !!!!


The light doesnt come on the fire stick remote and i changed the batteries.

Glen Karwacki

Same with mine.. Left it disconnected for a couple months and now just nothing happens with remote and stick keeps rebooting.

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