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To Rename Amazon Fire Stick is possible from the device which you have in your hand at any time. In order to change its name, the users need to have a profile of Fire TV to access the Amazon Fire Stick whenever they want. By way of going through this article, you can come to know an easy way to rename Fire Stick. In order to resolve this issue, there are a few steps that must be followed by the users in a planned way.

Is It Possible To Rename Amazon Fire Stick

Yes, it is possible to Rename Amazon Fire Stick, it seems to be a bit complex but it is not. In case of having the device, you get connected with streaming services with ease. You are having a free hand to do with it. In general, you need to do traditional Fire Stick registration; during this process, you will get a username that may not attract you because of its characters. The main technical issue is this if you use several Fire Sticks, it seems to be a herculean task to remember all those users’ names if you suffer this kind of issue, you put your name as a user name and others as well.

The method which you are going to use works effectively for the renaming Fire Stick.  There are many methods to use to change your username. But you must go to pick one of the most convenient ones. Keep one thing in mind; don’t forget the username to reach your account in the future.

Method To Rename Amazon Fire Stick

The following steps will help you to Rename Amazon Fire Stick but you are supposed to verify the current name of your device.

Step 1:  The first step is to move to the “settings” tab on your Fire TV.

Step 2:  After that, you must reach the “my Fire TV”.

Step 3:  You need to access” about.”

Step 4:  You must click on the “Fire TV Stick 4k”.

Step 5:  As soon as you entered the profile of Fire Stick, you can find your device name. After that you can type the name which you like later.

Method To Rename Amazon Fire Stick Device

First and foremost you must decide the name or nickname to Rename Amazon Fire Stick.  The next step is this you decide the name which you like a lot and place it on your Fire TV, for doing this process, you can move to the Amazon website or Amazon app. For the purpose of changing the users' name from the Amazon app, there are a few steps that you need to be followed by the users.

Step 1:  Move to the Amazon app on your cell phone, for it you don’t need to download or install it, you can do it at once. This application can be found on the Google play store at no cost.

Step 2:  In the app, move to the setting bar in the upper right-hand corner, in which there is a horizontal lines.

Step 3:  It will ask you to log in to the Amazon Fire Stick account.

Step 4:  You must move into the configuration options in the account, and then you can select “content and devices”.

Step 5:  Move to select “devices”.

Step 6:  You must go to “Fire TV” to select that you will like to rename it.

Step 7:  In Fire TV option there is an edit option to access.

Step 8:  later on go to select the box “device name “and write the name you like and save it.  You will have to wait unless the setting will be processed.

Another Method To Rename Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire TV name can be changed from the official app that comes with an easy interface. In order to follow this method, you will have to follow the below-given steps.

Step 1:  Go to the Amazon website.

Step 2:  Move to the top bar to click on “log in”.

Step 3:  In the account of Amazon, you must enter both your email and password.

Step 4:  Now you can open an Amazon account, you can move to the bottom of the interface to find the options.

Step 5:  As soon as you find the option “let us help you” then select “manage content and devices.”

Step 6:  You can access the device and click on “Fire TV “option.

Step 7:  As you enter these options, you will find all the connected Fire TV devices, and you can pick the one which you like the most and want to rename it.

Step 8:  Now, you can hit on the edit button.

Step 9:  Enter the name of the Fire Stick account and you will be prompted to save the changes.  

To Rename Amazon Fire Stick is a bit difficult for the users, it has certain steps which need to be followed by the users in a perfect way flawlessly if any mistake is done, and it will not be possible to do so. Therefore all the information is provided in detail. Despite going through this blog, you become helpless to do so. You can make a contact with the Fire Stick Support experts who can resolve your issue within a few minutes.

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Procedure To Rename Amazon Fire Stick On Your Devices
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