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Are you worried about how to Register Fire Stick with Amazon? It’s simple, you just need to have an Amazon account and a bit of time to get you device registered with Amazon. A registered Amazon Fire Stick ensures you have a full grasp of the latest features and software that boosts the Fire TV. Every buyer or homeowner wants to receive updates from Amazon to keep their Fire Stick up-to-date with latest software and Apps. Registration is mandatory if you want to have a great viewing experience on your Amazon Fire Stick. Also if you device is not registered, Amazon apps such as “Prime Video” might not work for you.

If you do not Register Fire Stick, you will defiantly miss lots of things. You won't get regular software updates from Amazon and this would soon make your device outdated and most of the Apps might stop working. You also won't be able to install new Apps on your Fire Stick as it would become incompatible. Now you have a clear idea on how important it is to Register Fire Stick with Amazon account. There are few basic requirements for registration such as you must have Wi-Fi network in your house & fire stick device must receive good signal. Also you must remember your Amazon account credentials before you start the registration process. So without wasting any time, let's move to the registration steps.

Steps to Register Fire Stick with Amazon Account:

  1. Connect Fire Stick to your TV and power source.
  2. Turn on both devices, TV and Fire Stick.
  3. Fire Stick must have internet access, if not Connect Fire Stick to WiFi first.
  4. Go to the Amazon Fire Stick menu then select “Settings".
  5. Next, proceed by choosing the “My Account" option.
  6. Select the “Register" option that would appear on the screen.
  7. Next, select the “Sign In" option. If you do not have an Amazon account, select “Create" option.
  8. You would be asked to enter your Amazon account credentials. You need to make sure that the information you type is correct. If not, you would have to repeat the entire process.
Register Fire Stick

If you have ordered Fire Stick directly from Amazon then it might have come pre-registered with your Amazon account. You just need to connect it with internet and you are good to go. If you have purchased it from other retailers than you need to follow the above mentioned steps to Register Fire Stick with Amazon account. Your device must always be registered with Amazon in order to enjoy the benefits. But there are times you might need to De-Register it such as you want to register it with other account or you just want to give it to someone else.

Steps to De-Register Fire Stick

  1. On the Home screen, go to “Settings".
  2. Then go to “My Account" section.
  3. You would see your account over there, select it.
  4. Then you get an option to De-Register it.
  5. Tap on that and you are done.

Kindly note that settings and features of your Apps would be deleted if you De-Register Fire Stick. Some of the features might not work anymore once the process is completed.  If you want the apps to work again, you need to Register Fire Stick again with Amazon account. However this is a very simple process and it only takes couple of minutes. Still if you face any kind of trouble, do not hesitate to contact Fire Stick Support for assistance on this.

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James Robertson

I am trying to register my Fire Stick. After going through all the steps successfully the tv screen says “Registering your Amazon Fire TV” but nothing happens. It has been showing this message for an hour or so. What can I do?


Same problem I’m facing too buddy

Anita Carr

I have a new tv fire o can not get it register i have a acct with Amazon

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