Rearrange Fire Stick Home Screen Apps

Fire Stick, the well known streaming device, is incorporated with the most advanced features which make it a far better device than those of other devices. For the purpose of making the best of this device, one must know its features and its usability. ASAP is one of the most talked out features, but one should know to use it. Although Amazon does not make it as prominent as it should be. By way of going through this article, one can learn how to rearrange Fire Stick home screen apps on this device. Firestick tech support team is always ready to help you in case you are unable to rearrange your apps on your Fire Stick then feel free to get in touch with these experts to resolve your issue. 

Fire Stick comes with an easy interface that can be managed by its users without facing any sort of difficulty. The good thing about this device is that the home screen can be managed automatically. But Fire Stick users are unable to control those features which display on the screen, in this post we will learn to rearrange Fire Stick home screen apps on your Fire Stick device.

Apart from Fire Stick, there are many other devices, including the Roku device that has easy control on display, apple TV4K is also known for giving more control of its displaying content. Amazon Fire Stick is like Chromecast with Google TV is enabled with a lot of content on the home screen. In order to rearrange Fire Stick home screen apps on your Fire Stick, Amazon enabled six app icons that can let you control a little bit of its home screen. It is the right time to change the icons on the home screen if you want, those icons can be rearranged easily as well.

Steps To Rearrange Fire Stick Home Screen Apps

  • Amazon app store has many of the apps from there you can download apps if app is not available, you can use third party app as well. If you want to learn how to download third party, you can click on this link.  Our guide to use One Tip must be known by fire TV owner to help you get more.
  • Access to the home screen of the Fire Stick, you will find three boxes and a +icon to the right of the given six app icons and then select it.
  • To draw your cursor towards an app icon after that click on “Three Lines Button”.
  • Now, you will select to move to front.
  • If you think so, you can repeat three or four steps one more time and then see the home screen of the Fire Stick TV to confirm.

After following the above given steps, the apps on your Fire Stick home screen will be in that way which you like. After that it does not require more number of clicks. Now, you can check out the rearrange apps. One Tip must be known by Fire Stick will help you to rearrange Fire Stick home screen apps according to your choice. Thus you will be able to use its displaying features with ease which used to be jeopardy for the users. However, you look forward any sort of help; you can coordinate experts online who will help you remotely.

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Steps To Help You Rearrange Fire Stick Home Screen Apps
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