Prime Video Error 5055 or 1055

Amazon Fire Stick is one of the leading streaming devices in the sphere of entertainment, and it has proved to be a far better than its competitors due to its ground breaking technology therefore, millions of its users across the globe are making the best out of it. Being an affordable device does not cost an arm or a leg. By way of spending a small amount of money, fire stick offers you to enjoy all sorts of steaming content, online games, live TV, and apps can be utilized by its user’s unarguably, it has been a good option for the users at the moment, but still, it receives few flaks one of the common errors is Prime Video Error 5055 OR 1055 that you can receive while watching prime video content on your fire TV.

The key reasons for having Prime Video Error 5055 OR 1055 are its Amazon account and update locations settings. As soon as this error code appears on your device, you will be hampered from watching video content and digital audio via the internet, the sad truth is that it happens only with video and audio digital. If you come across any kind of error, this article is going to help you resolve this issue with ease.

Basic steps are prescribed below that can guide you to overcome this error without making a huge effort.

Update location Setting To Fix Prime Video Error 5055 or 1055

1. Choose a web the browser of your choice on any of your devices and go to

2. First and foremost, you sign in to Amazon account. Fill in your required information like email and phone number which is linked to your Amazon account, then tap on continue.

3. Write down the password of your Amazon account then click on sign in.

4. As earlier as you logged in, move to settings, and then to country and Region Settings and to expand a section and click Change.

5. Write your user name, user’s location and phone number and then click on Update.

6. The country where you live must be helped for this solution to fix.

7. As you finish this process, you must switch on your Fire TV and de-register and then go to register your account. It takes around one hour for the change to take effect.

Fix Prime Video Error 5055 or 1055 Through Amazon Account

1. By way of using remote, from the major Fire TV menu option, move to “settings”.

2. Move to my account, as usually, we know that Fire TV is preregistered with the Amazon account. This device is visible below Amazon Account.

3. If you would like to register your Fire TV with another account, select “Amazon Account” from the main screen and then de-register. you will be prompted to confirm your option, now choose” deregister” one more time.

4. After de-registration, you can go to re-register your Fire Stick with several Amazon account; it is time to select Register.

5. Write down your email address which is associated to Amazon Account, now go to select next.

6. Place your password for your Amazon Account and decide to “sign in.

7. Now, Fire TV will be registered with the elected Amazon Account.

Prime Video Error 5055 or 1055 on Fire Stick is a very common issue that is faced by its users. With the help of this article, this issue can be resolved with ease, if you get failed to fix this issue, you can get support from the technicians of Amazon Fire Stick Support Number who have the expertise to fix Prime Video Error 5055 or 1055 within a couple of minutes

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How to Fix Prime Video Error 5055 or 1055 on Fire Stick
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