Amazon Fire Stick Pink Screen Issue

In the arena of entertainment, the digital content is booming due its streaming devices and services. It has covered all the spectrum of entertainment. Seeing the huge scope of business in this industry, many companies made their appearance and made their best efforts to attract its customers. Therefore, a cut throat competition has been generated by these companies. Amazon is the spearhead online platforms and established its supremacy and is available in many versions. However, the technical glitches cannot be ignored which occur once in a blue moon. This post is going to cover how to get rid of Fire Stick pink screen problem in easy steps.

What is Fire Stick Pink Screen Problem?

The issue of pink screen occurs due to its hardware. Any sort of malfunctioning in HDMI port can cause this error. For the purpose of resolving this issue, the following steps will help you. As you spot Fire Stick Pink Screen problem, you must do a little bit effort.

Fire Stick Pink Screen Problem
  1. At first, disconnect the power supply of Fire TV.
  2. Remove Fire TV from CC port after that you can unite it directly to an HDMI port on the TV.
  3. Re-unite power to Fire TV.
  4. With the help of TV remote, you can change the TV input to HDMI input port and as a next step you can connect it to the Fire TV.
  5. By way of using the remote of Fire Stick, you can navigate to the settings to find display and sounds then opting for display only.
  6. Thereafter, you must move to adjust “dynamic range settings” from the “always HDR” to “adaptive”.
  7. Now you need to change screen resolution from auto mode to 4k to 2160p to remove Fire Stick Pink Screen error.
  8. Now, you move to separate Fire TV from input and unite it back to the control center of HDMI input.
  9. Again by using TV remote switch TV back to the HDMI input which should be connected to the control center.
  10. After switching back to the control center input, there will be a static or snowy screen. In this case, you can unplug the HDMI cable from the HDMI output of control center then insert it back.

If the steps explained above, the users do it in an exact manner, the technical glitch which used to be encountered by the users must be resolved. This work is not hard to do for the users and it can be done with ease. The Fire Stick pink screen is not a shocking glitch for the users. If you are the users of Amazon Fire stick, you must know or learn how to fix this issue. Despite going through this post, you are unable to resolve it; you can get the best use of Fire Stick Support Phone Number which is always ready to fix your glitch in a minute remotely.

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