Pair Bluetooth Headphone with Fire Stick

Radio waves work as a fuel to use Bluetooth without using of wires and cables to connect with your devices like computers, mobile phones, Fire Stick, and more. A Bluetooth headphone can be connected with several devices at the same time. It offers you an incredible option to enjoy music and talk on the phone without distracting others who are next to you. Even Amazon Fire Stick can be paired with a Bluetooth headphone.  Fire Stick is a streaming device that enables all sorts of entertainment content to its users. Bluetooth headphone comes with all advanced features that enable you to enjoy the content of Fire Stick at high volume without distracting others.

Steps To Bluetooth Headphone with Amazon Fire Stick

  • In order to enjoy the content of Amazon Fire Stick by pairing Bluetooth headphone, there are many steps to connect these two devices.
  • First and foremost, you need to power on your Bluetooth headphone and adjust in pairing mode in general, and for Airpods in particular, one needs to press and hold down the button of the Airpods case.
  • Go to open the setting of your Amazon Fire Stick.
  • Find and select Controller and Bluetooth Device.
  • Select other Bluetooth devices.
  • Move to select the add Bluetooth device to connect a Bluetooth headphone to your Fire Stick.
  • As soon as your headphone name appears, just highlight it and press the select key on your Fire Stick remote.
  • Thus, your Bluetooth headphone will be paired with ease.
Pair Bluetooth Headphones With an Amazon Fire Stick

Volume Issues

With the help of Fire Stick, the volume level of Bluetooth headphones cannot be controlled. If your Bluetooth headphone comes with the feature of volume control then it is needless to read the below given instructions. Just skip it.  If your Bluetooth device does not have a dedicated button that can help you control volume, you will have to download an app on your Fire Stick to control the volume level. To download the app on your fire stick, you will have to follow the following steps below.

  • Install the free precise volume app on Fire Stick by side loading.
  • Press and hold the Home button on your remote and click apps.
  • Go to select the free Precise Volume app to open it.
  • Now, it is time to use the Media Volume slider to control the volume levels of your Bluetooth headphone.

Cursor Controls

Unarguably, precise volume app performs decently to control the volume of your   Bluetooth headphones, but the slider of this app spoils the name of it. To encounter this issue, the cursor app must be downloaded on your Fire Stick.

  • Primarily, install Mouse Toggle app on your fire stick.
  • Open the app as it is installed.
  • Make available options Enable the Mouse service and Auto start the mouse service on your device start-up enable.
  • Select the precise volume app and make double press the play button on your remote and fetch cursor.

This article is going to help you to pair the Bluetooth headphone with Amazon Fire Stick. Through this feature you can enjoy all types of content whether audio or video in isolation, that is without disturbing others. In case you don’t find this article useful you can contact Fire Stick Support Number that is available all time to take care of your problems.

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How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones With an Amazon Fire Stick
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Jumps back to 100% volume as soon as I leave the app. Basically Precise Volume just doesn’t work. I’ve seen the same complaint on Reddit and it’s unresolved.


Everytime I exit the app the volume goes back to 100% inmmediately, does anyone know a solution for this?

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