Mi Stick And Fire Stick

In the entertainment arena, both streaming devices are coming off with flying colors due to their innovative features and advanced technology, and they have left no stone unturned to be a cut above the rest. Streaming devices have become the successor of cable. By seeing the growth of this business, many companies have rolled out their streaming devices in the market. It has been hassling jobs for users to pick one of the most convenient ones. In order to pave the way smoothly for the owner of the streaming device, a unique comparison has been done in this blog between Mi Stick and Fire Stick.

Comparison Between Fire Stick And Mi Stick

Here is a short note that can help its users to decide the most convenient streaming device.


The pricing of any streaming device is one of the most important things for its users. If the device is enabled with robust features but is expensive, then most users will be away from this device, rather they will move to another device. Fire Stick is €10 more expensive than the Mi Stick. The key features of the devices are similar. Now, on the basis of price, Mi Stick is a winner.


Both streaming sticks are enabled with I GB of RAM along with 8 GB of internal storage. As far as the clock of Mi Stick is concerned which is incorporated with 2GHz but Fire Stick is enabled with a 1.3GHz clock. The Bluetooth of Mi Stick comes with 4.2 as compared to Fire Stick is enabled with 4.1. The streaming quality of both devices is similar which is capable of 1080P. In terms of specifications, both devices score equal marks.

Difference In Designs Between Mi Stick And Fire Stick

Both streaming sticks come with a similar design and are enabled with HDMI Port and a micro-USB port. The worth noticing point is this in general, TV has two HDMI Ports which cannot be used at the same time due to lack of space. In terms of Mi Stick, it cannot use another port, but the Fire Stick can use it because it provides an HDMI extender which is out of the box. Now, Fire Stick is leading over Mi Stick. In case you are having any kind of trouble with Fire Stick and you need best technicians help to fix it then get in touch with Fire Stick Customer Service Number and they will resolve your issue remotely.

Resolution of Mi Stick And Fire Stick

As far as their resolution is concerned, both devices have similar capabilities like 1080p at 60 Hz? If TV is enabled with a 720 p TV, both devices are adjustable with it. Both devices focus on the future market therefore both keep adding new technology to their devices for example Amazon rolled out Fire Stick 4K and Mi Stick launched Mi Box S4k. both sticks gaining equal points.


Both TV sticks are sophisticated with streaming technology can play most of the renowned channel like Netflix, Disney Plus, YouTube, Prime TV  and so on. But a few of the channels are not available on Fire Stick like HBO max and CBX. Android APK files can be downloaded via sideloading.  

Remote Of The Streaming Device

The appearances of both the sticks are the same. The functionality of the Fire Stick’s remote is far better than Mi one. Fire Stick is having buttons to pause, play, mute, skip, while the Mi TV remote is dedicated to only to Netflix and prime TV.

The comparison between both the streaming sticks will help its users who want to buy new streaming device. By way of going through this article, users will decide and will pick Fire Stick which is more famous and have more number of customers.

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Head To Head Comparison Between Mi Stick And Fire Stick
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