IP Address And DNS Manually

IP stands for “internet protocol” and its work is to provide a set of digits that works as code to access the internet, and it also defines the location of the server as well. It can be set in two ways-one is static other is manual. This post covers ins and outs of setting the IP address and DNS manually on Fire Stick. So, the users of the Fire Stick will not find any sort of difficulty to connect their devices to the internet. In case they find some difficulty then they can contact to firestick customer service number to resolve it. As we know that the Fire Stick has been rolled out by Amazon which is a tycoon in the online market. The aim of launching Fire Stick in this digital world is to get rid of hassling work to its users on one platform. So, they can stream their favorite program.  

The Fire Stick gets an IP address automatically if it is connected to the DNS (Domain Name System Server) and its work is to convert the web address into an IP address or make sure if you have any issue with the DNS server, you will not be able to connect to any website. You can connect to the DNS server from the router if it is enabled with DHCP. Some Fire Stick users want to assign a DNS server and a static IP address to their Fire Stick. For doing this work, one has to follow a few steps which are given below.

• To begin with, you must go to the home screen of the Fire TV to select “settings”.

• And then, click on “network”.

• The network which you want to assign for your Fire Stick, you should highlight the network and then select “next”.

• After that, you will be advised to select the “join other networks”.

• Type SSID (service set identifier) to the network to which you wish to connect after that, select the “next”.

• Now, type the name of the security which you use and then select “next”.

• If it asks, you need to type the password to network. 

• You will be asked to select “advanced”.

• Type the static IP address and DNS manually, and then select the “next”.

• To be connected for the gateway to the network type address and then select.

• Type the prefix length of the network, then select “next”.

• After that, you will type the address for the first DNS server, select “next”.

• For the second DNS server, you will type the address, then select “next”.

• And then, you will have two options to select either “connect” or “previous”, it will be in your hand and will be decided after reviewing the information. 

• By way of following all steps, you will be able to connect your Fire Stick to the IP address and DNS manually.     

To connect Fire Stick with IP address and DNS manually is not difficult work for the users. Make sure the users must follow the steps cautiously. If you do not get succeed at the first attempt, they can repeat it. In order to get more help, they can use experts who are willing to assist the Fire Stick users all the time.

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How To Set Up IP Address And DNS Manually On Fire Stick
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