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Amazon Fire Stick is a streaming device that allows its users to stream online content on ordinary TV. There is a plethora of devices in this digital world but the Amazon Fire Stick is one of the best streaming devices that have spelt bound millions of users across the world. The features of this device are innovative and easy to operate for its users. The app store of Amazon Fire Stick is enabled with many apps which can be operated easily. Despite being enabled with many applications, it offers an opportunity to its users to download third party apps. SO Player app is one of the most leading apps that can be sideloaded on Fire Stick. The main issue encountered by its users is how to install SO Player on Fire Stick. This blog guide you on how to install so player on your Fire Stick.

What is SO Player

SO Player comes with its own unique media content which is paid. As this app is not for free so it offers wide spectrum of online content. In order to use this app, the users must enable the IPTV service first on their device then only SO Player will get activated on your device. For activating this app, a few of details like username, password, and login credentials are required that you need to provide while signing up for IPTV services.

Before installing SO Player on Fire Stick or android TV, you must know that SO Player is also available on iOS devices such as the iPhone. If you have any such intention of installing so player on your iOS devices or another iPhone, you must search SO Player application on the app store.

Step To Install SO Player On Your Amazon Fire Stick

SO Player is not available on the Amazon App Store. Therefore, side-loading is the only option to get SO Player on Fire Stick. The following steps will guide you on how to install this app on your Fire Stick.

Steps To Toggle On Sideloading On Amazon Fire Stick

In general, android and Windows don’t have any issue with sideloading apps on Fire Stick because they have unhampered environment, where both verified and unverified sources can be used. Here are the steps.

1.  Go to the home screen of Fire TV, click on the settings.

2.  In the menu of settings, search my fire TV or device.

3.  Thereafter, click on developer options.

4.  After that, click on the apps from unknown sources. As you click on it, one message will appear in terms of so player, in which you will be advised not to install third party on this device. On the basis of review, it is trusted and authentic app, you can click on undermining warning.

Now, sideloading option is available on your device after that the next step must be compiled by you.

Steps To Install Downloader On Amazon Fire Stick

Downloader app can be downloaded from the Amazon app store which you can use for downloading SO Player on Fire Stick. As we know that the web browser of Fire TV is not compatible with APK files. Therefore, it is required to download on Fire Stick. The following steps will help you how to install downloader from the Amazon Appstore.

1.  On the home screen of the fire TV, on the left search icon. It will ask you click on it.

2.  It is time to click on downloader, it can be downloaded in two ways either voice input or on screen key-board can be utilized. 

3.  After that, click on”get” for the purpose of downloading and installing on Amazon Fire Stick.

Install SO Player On Fire Stick

Now, it is time to use the downloader on Fire Stick. We can install SO Player on Fire Stick with the help of downloader. All the steps which you will need to follow are given below.

1.  It is time to click on the downloader to open.

2.  As you click on open, you will be prompted to read message in terms of this app, you click on “allow “to go ahead.

3.  Now, click on ok to dismiss the app version.

4.  Move on to the home of application.

5.  Find search bar, and type this link

6.  It is time to click “go” after that, the APK files starts downloading. 

7.  As downloading gets over, click on install that appears on automatically on the screen.

8.  As you install SO Player on Fire Stick, click on done. If you want, you can navigate your apps & channels category, and click see all, you will see SO Player in the list of expended apps.

SO Player on Fire Stick is one of the important parts of entertainment arena in this scenario. All the provided information is going to help you install this app on your fire Stick. As we know that it is not included in the Amazon app store. Despite reading all the steps, if you are unable to install this app, you can get the support from Fire Stick Customer Service Number which is available around the clock.        

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I have SoPlayer installed on my iPhone and firestick. However when I click on movies on my iPhone, I can stroll across the movie posters up & down. But on the firestick I can only scroll across. How do I get it so that the whole screen have movies listed and I can stroll up and down like on my iPhone?

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