The apps which are not available on the Amazon apps store can be a bit difficult to install on Amazon Fire Stick, which is known as sideloading apps. One of the best features of the streaming device is that one can jailbreak it without putting its security at stake. In this post, one will learn how to install Media Lounge APK on FireStick, but one has to read this post till the end patiently because it requires many steps to perform precisely or Dial the firestick customer service phone number to get expert advice.      

What Is Media Lounge APK On Fire Stick?

Media Lounge APK is known as an all-in-one app that has a massive database and it covers all the segments of entertainment, sports, science, movies, a Live IPTV channel that has more than 100 live channels, TV shows, and many more.  The best thing about this app is that its content is available to its users in High Definition quality.  The fame of the app is on wax; therefore, it has millions of subscribers across the world. Earlier, the app used to be recognized as Live Lounge.

How To Install Media Lounge APK On FireStick?

The following steps which are given below are going to help you and teach you how to install Media Lounge APK on FireStick. But, one has to keep one’s FireStick device ready for downloading third-party apps.  

Download The Downloader App

• To begin with, download the “downloader app” on the FireStick from the “Amazon app store”. 

• Go to the home screen of the FireStick and click on the “Search” option on the menu bar. 

• Tap on the “Search” button. 

• With the help of an onscreen keyboard, type the “Downloader”, and then scroll down until you find the downloader in the search results and click on it in the “Apps & Games” section.

• After that click on either the “Get” or “Download” button. 

• As soon as the downloader app is installed or installed on your streaming device, you will find open button. 

Turn On Install Unknown Apps:

In order to install Media Lounge app or third-party app, one must enable the installation of unknown apps by executing the below-given steps.  

• Move back to the home screen of the Fire Stick and navigate the “gear” icon to click on it which is situated in the “middle” menu bar. 

• After that chose “Mi Fuego TV”.

• Click on the “Developer options”.

• Now, select “install apps unknown”.

• This is the time to activate the option for Downloader clicking once. 

After performing the above-given steps, your FireStick is ready to install Media Lounge APK on FireStick, but you must execute the below-given steps. 

• To begin with, hold down the home button of the remote of FireStick for 5 seconds, after that click on “apps”.

• Go to the app list to launch the downloader app. 

• Click on “Allow” to give permission to the downloader app. 

• Now, click on “OK” to close the quick start window. 

• As you find the option of entering a URL or search term, click on it. 

• Type the following URL: to download app. 

• After that click on “Go”. 

• Now, click on the “Download” option, and then click on “APKAdmin”. 

• Click on “Download file”.

• As soon as the downloader connects to the server, the APK file will start downloading. 

• As the APK file is downloaded, click on “Install”.  

• As soon as the installation process gets over, click on “Done”. 

• It is time to delete the APK file which is no longer required, and click on “Delete”. 

• Click on “Delete” one more time to confirm.  

After reading the post, one can learn how to install Media Lounge APK on FireStick without facing any problems. However, if something comes to your way, you can get support from online experts who are available around the clock.

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How To Install Media Lounge Apk On FireStick/ Fire TV?
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