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The Google and the Amazon are the big players in the arena of technology. Imaging your life without these apps seems impossible. Every one of us uses these apps every day. But many of the apps of the Google play store are not compatible with Amazon Fire Stick. It seems very unusual that the Google play store is not available on the list of Amazon app store. But it can be side loaded as a third-party app on the Fire Stick so that the users of the Amazon streaming device can get the best use of those apps which are available on the list of Google play store. In this post, the users of this streaming device will learn how to install the Google Play store on Amazon Fire Stick. Make sure it is a long but not very complicated process to execute. Therefore, the users need to have patience and hold tight.

Why Do Users Need To Install Google Play Store On Fire Stick

Many of the features are given below that will make it easy to figure out its significance.

  • In order to use it, it does not require any sort of technical skill.
  • The installation of the Google play store is very easy but seems to be hard.
  • It offers you an opportunity to download games on your device.
  • You can download many apps that will help you stream content like sports, live TV, Live show, and so on.
  • Google play store will let you download many apps which are not available on the list of Amazon play store.

As we know, many of the apps of Google play store are geo-restricted in a few countries. If you intend to access geo-restricted applications, the requirement of a VPN becomes necessary that can shield your device as well as your personal data from being compromised.

In order to download Google play store on your Amazon streaming device you need to spare few minutes of your precious time, thus you can add more options for entertainment. Here are steps that will help you to download the Google play store on your Fire Stick.

Steps To Install Google Play Store On Fire Stick

  • Visit the home screen of the Fire Stick, you will find settings in menu bar, click on it.
  •  After that, on keeping move towards the right side of the settings until you will find the “My Fire TV” tab then click on it.
  • You will tab on “Developer Option”.
  • You will access the “Apps from Unknown Sources” to turn it “on”, if you find it off, and then you will have to” turn ADB debugging” on as well.
  • As you find the message in which you can download the app from the Unknown source, you will be prompted to turn it on.
  • After that, you will be on the home screen of your Fire Stick, and then look out for search option in order to click it.
  • You will search “downloader “app then tap on it.
  • Now, you will be asked to select the icon of “downloader app”.
  • Now, it will ask you to select “Get/Download”.
  • In order to start the downloader app, you must click on open.
  • It will ask you tap on “allow”.
  • Now, tap on” OK”.
  • Type URL in the text box then tap on “GO”.
  • You will be prompted to tap on “download”.
  •  You will have to wait until the file is downloaded completely.
  • On the right side of screen bottom, you will find install to click.
  •  As it has been installed, tap on “done”.
  • The first thing you need to do is to visit downloader’s homepage and then type this URL and tap on” Go”.
  • As it appears tap on” download”.
  • Tap on “next” that lies on the right side of the bottom.
  •  Tap on “install”.
  •  Tap on “done”.
  • In order to enter the URL and tap on “Go”, it will prompt you to visit the home page of the downloader one more time.
  • Tap on”download”.
  • Tap on “next”.
  • Tap on “install”.
  • Tap on “done” as the installation process is done.
  • Now you need to visit the homepage of downloader once more then type the URL and tap on” GO”.
  • Tap on ”download”.
  • Tap on “next”.
  • Tap on “install “, thereafter select “done” as soon as it is installed.

Installing Google play store on Fire Stick is quite lengthy process however the steps are easy to execute. All the steps have been explained in an easy manner. Despite going through this post, if you encounter any issue, you can coordinate to the Fire Stick Support experts who are available round the clock to give you technical support remotely. 

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How To Install Google Play Store On Fire Stick With Ease
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