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In this digital world, technology plays its pivotal role in the arena of entertainment. It leaves no stone unturned to offer enjoyment and fun to its users. As time moves forward, innovation comes in technology. Similarly, a lot of changes were done in this field as well. If we go back in past, broadcast, live-telecast were the best options for the people to get maximum entertainment. But today, the invention of Fire Stick has produced the streaming culture of on-demand. Cloud storage is also one of the important components of streaming culture because many people like to stream shows and movies and other sorts of streaming content from Google drive on fire TV stick. In this article, we will let you know how you can Install Google Drive On Fire Stick in simple steps.

In order to stream content on Fire Stick from Google drive, the users must learn how to install Google drive on Fire Stick step by step so that the users can transfer files and APKs with ease. This post is going to cover all aspects in details that will help you install Google drive on Fire Stick.

Steps To Install Google Drive On Fire Stick

A bunch of apps are available in Google play store but all cannot be available on Fire Stick. So, the one you like that can be downloaded on Fire Stick like third party app it requires a few steps to be followed by the users that are given below. In this post, Kodi is taken from Google Drive and going to be installed on Fire Stick. To install Google drive on Fire Stick first and foremost you have to Install Kodi on Fire Stick and afterwards you can perform this action.

1.  As  you reach on Kodi, go to “adds-ons” and click on the “search”.

2.  After that you enter “Google Drive” after that tab on the “OK” option.

3.  In the search result, you will find Google drive and click on “OK” option to open.

4.  Now, tap on ‘install”.

5.  The next step is to click on”OK”.

6.  After that, you will move back and Google drive will be available to Kodi under the option of “add-ons” and then open it.

7.  Soon after, you can tab on “add an account”.

8.  After that, you receive a pop-up with a URL, as well as a code, after that you will be able to perform next operation on your device or smart phone. Please keep one thing in mind, there will be a message against third party app, you just need to ignore it and go ahead, and share media file from your primary account to the throwaway account.

9.  The code which is displayed on Kodi, you need to enter that code on your smart phone or computer.

10.  Soon after you will have two options to do either add or choose your Google account.

11.  In a next step, you will be prompted to give your final approval to allow the Kodi add-on in order to access Google Drive. If you have a plan to disable the access, thus you can revoke the consent from here.

12.  As soon as you allow the Kodi add-on, you receive message like “authentication successful “on your computer or smart phone. After that Kodi on your Fire Stick will log in to Google account automatically.

13.  After that it will ask you click on your name on Kodi.

14.  Thus, with the help of Kodi, you will have all drive files on Fire Stick. Now, you can use Kodi to play media files directly. As we know, it is recognized as a powerful media center.

The content which is available in the Google drive is not possible to stream on Fire Stick to do so you have to first install Google drive on Fire Stick unless Google Drive is installed on Fire Stick. The steps which are available above will help you overcome this issue. Despite going through this article, you find it hard, you can make a contact to the Fire Stick Support Number who will resolve this issue in no time.

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