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Fire Stick is a product of Amazon which has been spearhead in the arena of entertainment, despite being enabled with all sorts of advanced technology, ads and pop-ups can spoil our entertainment while streaming our very-much liked program that can leave us irritated and annoyed. In this tutorial, the users will learn how install Blokada on Fire Stick to block ads, pop-ups and trackers on fire stick using Blokada app which is a third party app not available in the Amazon play store, so, it is downloaded with the help of unknown sources. Blokada app is supportable with many versions of Amazon Fire Stick including Fire Stick 4K, Fire TV cube and outdated Fire TV devices.

What Is Blokada App

The aim of designing Blokada app is to prevent your Fire Stick and Android TV from ads, pop-ups, malware and tracker so that you will have interruption-free streaming experience. Blokada is a free app which is downloaded from its official website

What Are The Characteristics Of Blokada App

Blokadd app is riddled with plenty of features and a few of them are given below that will provide you insight of this app.

1. Blokada app is compatible with both fire TV devices and Android TV devices.

2. Blokada is not paid and can be downloaded for free from its official websites.

3. This app keeps not only ads but also trackers and malware away from your device.

4. On security’s point of view, it is safe.

5. The operation of this device is very easy.

How To Install Blokada On Fire Stick

Here are dedicated steps that will guide you to install Blokada on Fire Stick. As it has been mentioned above that the Blokada is a third party app which is sideloaded onto Fire Stick.

1. At first, the users must visit the home screen of Fire Stick device.

2. Reach to the menu bar of the home screen of Fire Stick.

3. After that, move to the right and click “my fire TV” option.

4. As you reach on my fire TV option, you will find the “developer options” to click.

5. Under the next step, you will find “apps from unknown sources” in general, you will find off option, now you click “switch on”.

6. Being a third party app, you will have warning message, you are supposed to ignore it, and move ahead to click “turn on”.

7. Now, the Fire Stick is ready to install Blokada and other third-party apps.

Steps To Install Blokada APK On Fire Stick

Here are a few dedicated steps which are mentioned below to install Blokada APK on Fire Stick.

1. Again, you must go to the home-screen of Fire Stick.

2. After that, you will navigate to the top of the screen and there you will find menu bar, after that it will ask you to move towards the left and select “search option or the lens icon”.

3. Now, under the next step, you will download the downloader application from Amazon play store, with the help of downloader, Blokada will be downloaded on Fire Stick if it is already downloaded, you can skip it. After downloading downloader, install it.

4. As downloader is installed, you open it.  At the beginning, you will encounter a few pop-ups, just ignore them. As the Window appears, you must click on the URL section.

5. It will prompt you to tap on “clear” on the screen keyboard in order to clear the text field.

6. In the URL section, you must type

7. In the browser segment of downloader app, you will be redirected and there Blokada website will be loaded up. After that on the webpage, there is a menu option to click on it.

8. After that, click the “download link” which is found in the drop-down menu.

9. There are many versions of the Blokada app; you must download the latest version.

10. Now you are eligible to download the Blokada APK Files on the Fire Stick.

11. As soon as the downloading is done, the pop-up appears to install, and click on install.

12. Then click on it, the installation will be done within a few seconds and wait unless it is done.

13. As the installation of this app is done, click on “open” button.

14. Click on “delete” if prompts appears, and click “delete” again.

15. After that, click on “done” to delete APK, for creating space on the Fire Stick.

Blokada app is for preventing ads and pop-ups on Fire Stick so that the users can enjoy their streaming content without being interrupted. In this blog, all the aspects have been covered to install this app, despite reading it, if you find it hard, you can get help from Fire Stick Support remotely.

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Steps To Install Blokada On Fire Stick In Few Minutes
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