Connect Fire Stick to WiFi Network

When it comes to media streaming devices, there is no match of Amazon Fire Stick. This tiny device is not only easy to carry but also provides excellent entertainment experience anywhere. DTH services might soon become history as devices like Amazon Fire Stick provides much more than just watching TV. Amazon Fire Stick only needs a high speed internet connection that is now available in most parts of the world to stream high quality content as and when required. If somehow you are not able to Connect Fire Stick to WiFi network, we are here to guide you. Just follow this article from start to finish and you will be able to do so easily.

Prerequisite to Connect Fire Stick to WiFi Network

  1. A Registered Amazon Fire Stick Device
  2. A Television with HDMI and USB Ports
  3. A High Speed WiFi Internet Connection

We assume that you know your WiFi password, which is different from your Amazon account and is case sensitive. If you do not know your WiFi password, consider calling your internet service provider to get it. Alternatively you can turn on hotspot on your phone and Connect Fire Stick to WiFi but you might not be able to get the desired internet speed depending on your location. In such situation you might face video buffering issues while watching on Amazon Fire Stick.

Connect Fire Stick to WiFi Network

Steps to Connect Fire Stick to WiFi Network

  1. Turn on your television and connect Fire Stick to HDMI Port.
  2. Connect Fire Stick's power cable to the USB port or use the wall adaptor.
  3. On your TV choose the correct input / source for Fire Stick.
  4. On Fire Stick's home screen, go to “Settings" menu.
  5. There you will see “Network" representing WiFi signal, select it.
  6. It will bring up a list of available WiFi networks, select your's.
  7. If you cannot see your WiFi network in the list, select “Rescan" option.
  8. Enter your WiFi password, it is case sensitive, make sure you type correctly.
  9. Hit the “Connect" button, your Fire Stick will now be connected to WiFi.

Issues While Connecting Fire Stick to WiFi Network

If you cannot Connect Fire Stick to WiFi network, there may be several reasons. Here are the few most common problems faced by users while connecting Fire Stick to WiFi. Check them one by one and you will definitely get success with Amazon Fire Stick.

WiFi Network Not Available

Make sure your WiFi router is within range, if it is too far Fire Stick won't be able to detect it and you won't be able to Connect Fire Stick to WiFi network. If they are close and still you can't see WiFi network in the list of available networks, restart your WiFi router. In most cases this will solve the problem.

Incorrect WiFi Password

Make sure you are using correct password to Connect Fire Stick to WiFi network. If you are not sure, consider calling your service provider or contact Fire Stick Support Phone Number to get help on this issue. Passwords are case sensitive thus there is always a chance of typing mistakes so make sure you type it correctly.

Issues with 5Ghz WiFi Network

If you are using an old Fire Stick, it might not be compatible, consider replacing it. If both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi networks has same SSID, Amazon Fire Stick might have issues with it. Make sure both WiFi bands have different SSID so Fire Stick can recognize them easily.

We believe this article will help you to Connect Fire Stick to WiFi network and it will also help you to fix common problems you might face. Still if you are facing problems, let us know in comments.

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How to Connect Fire Stick to WiFi Internet Network Easily
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David Mapps

my tv says webpage not available

Daniel Desabre

I can’t reset my password I have the otp code

Robert L. Towns

What do u do if ur TV does ot recognize the firestick once it is plugged into the HDMI port?

Willie Griffin

My fire stick went out messing with that ipvanish stuff and it ain’t come up when I plug into hdmi or nothing. What should I do

Daniel Desabre

Yes I have the otp code but I can’t get a new password or reset the old 1


My network says … “connected with problems” and I can’t open any apps

Polly Fox

What if I see my WiFi network an I typed in the correct password but it’s showing disconnected. We had a power out for a bout 15 minutes an when it came on the Fire Stick stopped working. I have unplugged it an reset the modem an all of that an all of my other devices in my home are working fine so I no it’s not the internet it’s just something else with this Fire Stick the reason it is saying internet disconnected.


Did anyone answer your question? I’m having that same problem

Diana Booth

have Fire stick , can I get comcast cable Xfinity on this TV

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