Fire Stick Frozen

“If you are facing FireStick frozen problem then most probably it should be freezing at the startup. On the other hand your fire stick might be freezing during the play back of certain movie or TV show. But do not worry, just follow the steps mentioned in this article one by one and you will successfully unfreeze your fire stick."

Why My FireStick is Frozen?

In 2014, Amazon graced the world with the Fire TV’s miniature model known as the Fire stick. Amazon Fire Stick offers an easy and hassle-free way to stream over your favorite television shows, movies, and the like. Unfortunately, Amazon Fire stick does not have unlimited storage capacity. Thus, if the user is not careful about the number of downloaded shows or apps, the Fire Stick may experience performance issues such as FireStick Frozen problem or constantly buffering the content. 

How to unfreeze FireStick?

No one wants to see a frozen FireStick as it will be unresponsive and you will no longer be able to control anything with the remote controller. Most of the time fire stick will freeze on the start-up thus you will not have any control over it. So if your fire stick frozen on home screen, there are few solutions that you can try to unfreeze your fire stick device.

Fire Stick Frozen
  1. Re-Start Your Fire Stick Device
  2. Power Cycle Your Fire Stick for few minutes
  3. Factory Reset Your Fire Stick Device
  4. Clear Data & Cache
  5. Update Your Fire Stick

Always keep in mind that you need do above mentioned things one by one and as soon as Amazon Fire Stick Frozen problem is solved you need to abort the sequence otherwise you might lose some of your apps and data.

1. Re-Start Your Fire Stick

If you remote controller is working fine while your FireStick keeps freezing and you can control few things with it, you can follow the below mentioned steps to re-start your fire stick with the help of the controller. You might find them a bit tricky but they are absolutely easy to do.

Restart Fire Stick
  • First, you need to turn on your Amazon Fire Stick.
  • Now on the remote, press “Select” and “Play/Pause” buttons together at the same time.
  • Keep those buttons pressed for 10 to 15 seconds until your fire stick re-starts.
  • Most of the time this will solve your FireStick frozen issue.

2. Power Cycle Your Fire Stick for few minutes

If the simple re-start does not work for you then you need to power cycle your fire stick for few minutes to solve fire stick frozen problem. This is super easy to do, just follow these steps:

Fire Stick Power Cycle
  • Take out fire stick’s power cord from the power outlet or USB socket.
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes until device power cycles itself.
  • Plug in back the power cord in the power outlet.

3. Factory Reset Your Fire Stick Device

If the above mentioned things didn’t help to solve this issue then you should move to the next step to solve FireStick Frozen problem is a factory reset. But remember, it will delete all content from your device and you have to Register Fire Stick again with your Amazon account. Follow these steps to Reset Fire Stick to factory defaults and this will certainly resolve your issue permanently.

Factory Reset Fire Stick
  • On your “Home” Screen, look for the “Settings” icon, tap on it.
  • Navigate to “My Fire TV” and tap on it.
  • Now you need to look for “Reset to Factory Defaults” option.
  • Now you will see a warning on screen, just agree to it and tap on “Reset” option.
  • Wait for couple of minutes until this process is completed.

4. Clear Data & Cache

If you device is being used for a longer period of time then it might have collected lots of junk and garbage data in the cache memory as a result your FireStick keeps freezing on home screen. To solve this problem you need to delete that junk, follow these steps:

Fire Stick Clear Cache
  • From the “Home” page go to “Settings
  • Now tap on “Applications
  • Now go to “Manage Installed Applications
  • For each app, tap on “Clear Data
  • And then tap on “Clear Cache

5. Update Your Fire Stick

There might be some issues with operating system behind the FireStick frozen problem. If your fire stick has not been update for a long time then you should update it immediately to get the latest firmware from Amazon. This will help you to improve performance and prevent fire stick freezing issues, follow these steps.

Fire Stick Software Update
  • From the “Settings” menu, go to “My Fire TV
  • Now tap on “About” option
  • If you see “Install Update” option, tap on it
  • Wait for some time until your fire stick download and install updates

We hope the above mentioned tips helped you to fix Amazon FireStick Frozen issue permanently but still if you facing any problem, let us know in the comment section and we will try our best to guide to through the entire process. Alternately you can get in touch with customer service team on the toll free phone number for immediate assistance.

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Revenna Brown

My remote stop working


My fire stick light continually freezes then restarts. I have it replaced by Amazon once already. Is it not powerful enough to play sound through two linked echo dots or is it faulty


If it is stuck on a screen how do I get to settings? I set mine up, worked fine, turned TV off, turned it on that night, it’s stuck on a screen that says What’s New, does not respond to remote even to hold the 2 keys down to restart it, is not a battery issue, have unplugged a zillion times, just sits on this screen and I cannot follow these steps because I cannot get to those places.

Shadab Khan

Did anyone get the solution for the stuck problem. I am unable to reset and do anything. Its just stuck at logo.


My fire stick is just flashing the fireTVstick logo and nothing else??


I am having same problem , even with replace fire stick .. I have done all kindly of stuff , Restart , Reboot and factory setting . but only thing which work for me for while is switch off all , remove stick and wait for an hour ..
it’s don’t resolve the problem but delay it ..
New stick work fine fro one month then samething …I don’t know what to go so looking for other king of device which will not has these problem ,


I have tried everything but it’s stuck on the fire tv stick screen.

Chivas Suber

My home screen is frozen wont let me move to reset the fire stick .


Same here… Something is probably blocking us from Watching our fire stick
..this has never happened before

Bernabe Balagtas

my fire stick just show the logo and not doing anything


Freezing while mirroring even after factory reset


Only the power button works on my Fire Stick remote, Frozen screen. Tried to unplug for 30 seconds, held down select and play/pause for more than 10 seconds, and am unable to press the home button. What should I do?


I have the same problem. Did you find a way to fix it? Thanks!

Chivas Suber

Mines to I’m pissed


Same problem facing , apps all show in screen but right left arrow not work but volume and power button working and also alexa speaking not work


Only my home button on my Amazon fire tv remote works and same with Anazon apps remote on my phone. Any idea why. I can only use the voice control as well and I’ve unplugged the fire stick, changed batteries and held the home button for 10 sconds.

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