How to Fix Amazon Fire TV Stick Frozen Problem

Amazon Fire TV is a wonderful streaming device that gives you multimedia on demand, whenever you want it. Such innovations like Fire TV are reshaping the way we watch television. Yet, sometimes these technologies can give us problems, such as when Amazon Fire Stick device freezes up or the screen goes blank. Here are some steps and tips to help you resolve troubles like Fire Stick Frozen issue or black screens when using Amazon Fire Stick:

What to do when Amazon Fire TV Stick is Frozen

An unresponsive or frozen device typically requires a restart, similar to how you have to reboot a computer when it freezes. Usually, the device will freeze on the Fire TV startup menu. However, you will be unable to control the menu or use the remote. In worst case scenario you might need to call Amazon Fire TV Support Phone Number if remove is not at all working.

Amazon Fire TV Frozen

To Fix an Unresponsive Amazon Fire TV device:

#1. Restart Amazon Fire TV. This is as simple as disconnecting the cord from the device and keeping it powered down for several minutes. Once you’ve waited for a while for the system to reset, try to plug in the cord and start the device. You can also use your remote to restart the device if it is still responsive. At the same time, press Select and Play/Pause then hold for about five seconds. This will reset the system.

#2. Use the correct power adapter. The one that came with the Fire Stick device is going to ensure optimal functioning.

#3. Use a High Speed HDMI cable for 1st and 2nd generation Amazon Fire TV. Older models of the Amazon Fire Stick device require an HDMI cable to run properly. You can also switch around the HDMI ports. If you have a Fire TV stick, double check the connection of the HDMI extender.

As you can see, the troubleshooting for a frozen Amazon Fire TV doesn’t require advanced skills. Just follow the steps listed above.

What to do when Amazon Fire Stick Screen is Blank

Similar to a frozen screen, when the screen either goes blank or turns black suddenly, you have a number of solutions including but not limited to Amazon Fire Stick Support Phone Number which is your ultimate solution.

To Fix a Black or Blank Screen Issue:

#1. Use a different HDMI cable. Retry the connection with a new cable or unplug the old one before establishing a re-connection.

#2. Check the device settings. Make sure the HDMI input channel that was originally set to the Amazon Fire Stick.

#3. Power off other devices. If you have multiple connections to the TV, try switching everything down then switching on only the Fire TV device.

#4. Change the TV resolution. Try another setting like going from 1080p to 720p. You can do this by using the remote pushing the Up and Rewind button together.

#5. Look at your soundbar or AV receiver. You want the input switched “on” on the right setting. Further, if you’re using 2nd or 3rd generation, the sound bar needs to be connected directly to your TV. Do note that an 4K Ultra HD stream may cause some flickering.

If you need any further information about how to deal with Amazon Fire Stick Frozen issues and troubleshooting, you can check the technical FAQ on Amazon directly.

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Rajan Shukla
Rajan Shukla

My firestock has frozen and i have tried all the tricks available. All in vain. HELP guys.

Lani Terry
Lani Terry

I have purchased a new fire stick for my grandparents on last Christmas after plug it and set up they were happy but after few days they informed me TV is not working only black screen displayed but within a couple of minutes, we are enjoying ourselves with my grandparents.

Michelle Spaulding
Michelle Spaulding

I have done all the above for a frozen fire stick still froze. I’m froze on the I heart app while listening to radio station

Ronal Harris
Ronal Harris

Not all the apps are compatible with Fire Stick. Kindly get in touch with Amazon for the list of compatible and supported apps.