Amazon Fire Stick Vs Roku Device

Streaming sticks are super popular nowadays. The fact that you can stream video on your TV whenever you want is amazing. And both the Amazon Fire Stick and Roku Sticks are quite affordable, which makes them a wonderful investment. But then you have the question, which one of these is the best for you? Here is your Fire Stick Vs Roku comparison to let you know which would be better.

Technical Specification

We like the fact that both of these connect via HDMI, which is a plus. They do have Wi-Fi support, 1080p output and all that cool stuff you need. And they also get their power via Micro USB. But then you have differences as well. The Amazon Fire Stick has 8 GB of internal storage and 1 GB of memory, whereas Roku only has 256 MB of Storage and 512 MB of memory. Roku doesn’t list the processor, but we guess that the Amazon Fire Stick has a better one considering storage and memory. So the spec winner is certainly the Amazon Fire stick.

Streaming Content

Why would you get a streaming stick if there’s nothing to stream on it? That’s why content is crucial here. Roku is a platform created solely for streaming. You have 5000 channels to use, so there’s a ton of content. The Amazon Fire Stick has fewer video services, however you can also play games and use apps on it. Of course, you have access to the regular stuff like HBO GO, Vimeo, YouTube, Netflix and so on. But Amazon Fire Stick offers a bit more. Although if you want only video streaming, Roku might suffice. Otherwise you can go with Amazon Fire TV,and you will be just fine anyways. Amazon Fire Stick Support is also there if you run into any kind of issues with this steaming device.

Amazon Fire Stick Vs Roku Device


This is very subjective. The Roku remote is way more complex when compared to the Amazon Fire Stick remote. However, the latter one allows you to use Alexa, and it has voice support. For Roku, you have to mostly rely on buttons. That’s still ok, but it would be better to have a simpler one with voice support. Yet it does depend on what you want, voice support or buttons.

User Interface

The Amazon Fire TV interface is more focused on tech and offering a sleek look. Roku’s interface is simpler, but it’s easier to approach and use. Let’s face it, both are exciting to use and a pleasure to explore. But Roku’s approach is better for most people.

Which one is better?

Amazon Fire stick has the better specs,and it does have support for apps and games to play on a TV, not to mention voice support. Roku is simpler and many times also cheaper. So it all comes down to the budget you have and the type of content you want to browse and use. If you’re already in the Amazon ecosystem with an Echo dot or anything like that, you can’t go wrong with the Amazon Fire TV stick. But if specs are not important for you, then Roku will be just as good for you!

We hope this Amazon Fire Stick Vs Roku comparison will help you better decide which you should buy.

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Amazon Fire Stick Vs Roku Streaming Stick A Comparison
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