Fire Stick Screen Mirroring

Amazon Fire Stick users would be happy to hear that they can cast their tablet or phone on their Fire Stick using screen mirroring feature.  It’s a good thing for you to have a great viewing experience. You have the excellent opportunity to mirror the display of your mobile device if it support Miracast.  Amazon Fire TV Screen Mirroring feature is great to watch videos and photos stored on your phone or tablet on the big screen. Amazon Fire Stick has very limited internal storage thus you cannot download so many streaming apps or videos on it. In such situations, it is a good idea to download the videos on your phone and cast it using Fire Stick Screen Mirroring feature to watch on your television.

What is Miracast on Amazon Fire Stick?

Miracast is a wireless technology that connects two compatible devices so that you can use screen mirroring feature. In early days you must have and HDMI cable to cast your Laptop on your TV or projector but now you can easily do it on your WiFi network using Miracast. The new generation of Amazon Fire Sticks also comes with Miracast preinstalled thus you do not need to download any third party App to use Fire Stick Screen Mirroring feature. You can directly connect your phone to your Fire Stick and cast it on wireless display.

Amazon Fire Stick Screen Mirroring Using WiFi Router:

  1. Both the devices, Fire Stick and Phone or Tablet should be compatible.
  2. Both the devices should not be more the 20 feet away from each other.
  3. Bothe the devices should be connected to the same WiFi network.
Amazon Fire Stick Screen Mirroring

So, you might now ask, how do I start Fire Stick Screen Mirroring? It’s easy and simple. You read this article and assure success in the process. Follow these steps to start Amazon Fire Stick Screen Mirroring Using WiFi Router:

  1. Go to settings option on your Amazon Fire Stick.
  2. Then click on Display and Sounds options.
  3. Here you will see Display Mirroring, enable it.
  4. Amazon Fire Stick will now start searching for available devices.
  5. On your Phone, go to wireless display and select your Fire Stick.
  6. That’s it, you are now ready to cast your phone to Fire Stick.

Fire Stick Screen Mirroring Using WiFi Direct:

  1. Turn on mobile hotspot on your phone.
  2. Connect Amazon Fire Stick to the mobile hotspot.
  3. On your Fire Stick, Go to Settings and then Display and Sounds.
  4. Here You Need to Enable Display Mirroring.
  5. On your mobile phone, go to wireless display and connect Amazon Fire Stick.
  6. Now you can cast your Android phone to Amazon Fire Stick.

If you face any problem while using Fire Stick Display Mirroring then you must first check the frequency of the both connected devices. Now days modern devices has two different frequencies 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz, you need to make sure both the devices Amazon Fire Stick and your phone are on same frequency. If needed restart your WiFi router, this might also help in some cases. Still if you are unable to troubleshoot, contact Fire Stick Support and let them check it for you.

Unfortunately you cannot cast on Fire Stick if your phone is running on stock Android, you would need to install third party App to use Amazon Fire Stick Screen Mirroring feature. Also your phone's screen should be turned on all the time and this will drain lots of battery thus it is better if you connect your phone to the wall charger to avoid any interruption. We believe this article will be helpful for you, still do not hesitate to ask questions in comments.

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Amazon Fire Stick Screen Mirroring To Cast Your Mobile Phone
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