Fire Stick Remote Showing Orange Light

Amazon Fire Stick is an awe-inspiring device used by millions of users across the globe. The core reason of having a large number of users is its advanced features make this device far better than its contemporary competitors. However, its users encounter a few of the technical glitches, and one of the common technical issue faced by its users is in its remote which showing orange light, this behavior of Fire Stick creates interruption while watching their favorite streaming content. The main purpose of publishing this post is to resolve Fire Stick remote showing orange light issue and if you intend to get more information regarding the solution of the other issues with Fire Stick, contact Amazon Fire TV Customer Service experts to resolve your Fire Stick related issues easily.

As Fire Stick remote showing orange light, gives an indication of going to discovery mode and asks for permission to connect it.

Reasons Behind Fire Stick Remote Showing Orange Light

The occurring of orange light on Fire Stick remote is seen due to third party apps which are not compatible with your remote. If it happens due to third party apps, orange color appears 3 times on your device in front of you.

  • The orange color on Fire Stick occurs due to not getting required range.
  • Once in a while, it happens due to internally damage.
  • In case of using many devices at the same time, it can be one of the reasons of this issue.
  • Discharged battery can be the reason for this issue. It compels us to keep charging it at regular interval.
  • It is advised to update your Fire Stick and if you ignore it, the remote of Fire Stick will develop orange color on your device.

Update Your Fire Stick Program

To get latest versions’ software of your Fire Stick is not one of the easiest steps for the users which can be conducted in a few seconds by themselves. With a view to updating your device, a few steps need to be followed by its users which are mentioned below.

  • First and foremost, you must access to the settings of your Fire Stick.
  • After that, you select ”my fire TV”.
  • Now, move to the about option.
  •  Now, click on the system update option.

Replace The Battery Of Fire Stick

In order to avoid facing Fire Stick remote showing orange light issue, old battery needs to be replaced timely. The major reason for facing this glitch is its old battery which does not provide enough range between your remote and device. Buying new battery for your remote and fit it into your remote that can resolve this issue. Despite putting this effort, if problem is not sorted out, you must think for further step.

Resolve The Buffering Issue

Buffering in Fire Stick is done due to many reasons like hardware, router, remote, modem, and internet cable as well. For the purpose of fixing Fire Stick remote showing orange light issue, you must inspect the hardware of the device which is connected with it. One more reason to encounter buffering issue is the low speed of the internet. One must test the speed of the internet via navigating the settings of the Fire Stick. 

Factory Reset Helps To Overcome This Message

Factory reset helps a lot if remote of your Fire Stick does not support, after a few of the steps, this problem will be resolved. In order to commence factory reset, many ways are available, but you can adopt the simplest one.

  • Connect and supply power to remote and TV.
  • During the next step, using navigation button of the remote, access the settings options and select it.
  • By using the navigation button one more time, and scroll down until you find the option “my fire TV” option.
  • And click on my factory reset option, after that you will find the message on the screen that asks you to go complete the process.
  • And then, you will be advised to click on reset option.
  • This process will keep you waiting for nearly 8 minutes.
  •  After that, the process will start.
  • As the process comes to an end, this problem is resolved. 

The methods which are given above to resolve Fire Stick remote showing orange light issue can be executed with ease. Despite going through this step, if you have any problem, you can get the experts’ support remotely. 

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What To Do If Fire Stick Remote Showing Orange Light
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