Fire Stick Remote Not Working

Amazon Fire Stick is enabled with numerous features and is operated by a remote which is compatible with the Fire TV stick. With the help of a Fire TV remote, you can ease the streaming experience. It is also supportable with Alexa voice software. However, the users of the Fire Stick face several technical glitches that can hamper your experience badly. In that case you can contact to Fire Stick Customer Service team to resolve the technical glitches of your Fire Stick like Fire Stick remote not working easily. The main purpose of writing this post is to highlight all those issues along with its solution which is experienced by its users.

Some Technical Issues With Its Solutions

Fire Stick persists several glitches and a few of them have been highlighted are explained below.

Dead Batteries And Slide It In The Wrong Way

The Fire Stick is controlled by a remote to stream unique digital content, which runs with batteries. If batteries stop being compatible, you cannot enjoy your stream your device. The batteries of the Fire Stick are not rechargeable if it is not changed timely; it may burst and can damage your remote too. Owing to the constant use of the remote, the drainage of batteries is bound to happen. If you don’t want to face inconvenience, the users need to have extra batteries. At the time of sliding batteries into your remote, you must know the terminals of your batteries which have two signs positive and negative. In case of committing a mistake, your Fire Stick remote not working.

Fire Stick Remote Pairing

In general, the Fire TV remote is pre-paired with this gadget, in rare cases, it is not. If the Fire TV remote is not paired, the users can pair their Fire TV remote to the Fire Stick manually. The following steps will help you to pair your remote to your gadget.

• First, using HDMI port of your Fire TV, and plug your Fire Stick into it.

• And then, supply the power to your device.

• Now, open the Fire Stick and press the home button of your remote for 10 seconds.

• After that, it will pair.

 • If you do not find your device paired, you can press the home button for 20 seconds. You can do the same process two or three times, thus your problem will be resolved.

• Now, move to the settings of Fire Stick.

• During the next process, you will be prompted to choose the controller, and you will find Bluetooth in the menu.

• After that, you will find a system exhibiting the connected device.

Fire Stick Buttons

By constant using of the remote of your Fire Stick, the buttons of Fire Stick stops working, thus remote of your Fire Stick starts not responding.

• You can disconnect the Fire Stick and Fire TV from the power.

• Now, hold the buttons together including the menu button, back button and the remained part of the navigation which is given on your remote.

• You must press the tab for 20 seconds. 

• During the next step, remove the batteries of your Fire Stick remote.

• After that, you can give power supply to your Fire Stick and Fire TV.

• Now, slide batteries into your remote in a dedicated terminal.

• Press the home button of your Fire Stick remote for 10 seconds, now, your Fire Stick remote will pair automatically.

The remote of your Fire Stick stops responding due to many reasons which are given above. However going through this post, you are unable to fix this issue. You can coordinate customer support and get assistance remotely.  

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How To Fix Fire Stick Remote Not Working Issue Easily
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