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Amazon Fire Stick is having an edge on other streaming devices in the field of entertainment and comes with leading Alexa technology. The remote of this device is working on both voice search and manually. Despite having all these features, once in a while, some of the issues are encountered by its users. The most frequent glitch faced by its users is Fire Stick No Signal. In this blog, all of the aspects of this issue are going to be covered in detail so that you can get a quick solution to this issue. The troubleshooting steps are explained below to help you overcome this issue in no time.

Reason Why Fire Stick No Signal Occurred

One cause cannot be a solo reason of Fire Stick No Signal issue. On the other hand, there are many reasons that can create this technical glitch and some are explained below.

1.  Cable not connected correctly.

2.  Fire Stick is unresponsive.

3.  Network connection is poor.

4.  Issue with HDCP.

5.  Problem with HDMI port due to hardware error.

6.  Not having genuine brick.

7.  Broken Fire Stick.

Steps To Fix Fire Stick No Signal Issue

The following steps are dedicated to help Fire Stick users overcome this issue manually.

Step 1: HDMI Of Fire Stick Needs To Be Fixed

HDMI ports and cable can be one of the reasons to produce Fire Stick No Signal issue. That is why it has been very important to check both things carefully. If you ever find this issue in your Fire Stick, here are a few steps to fix this issue.

1.  The first step you need to take is that your HDMI cable needs to be finger tight with HDMI port.

2.  HDMI cable should be cut and scrape free.

3.  The next step is to connect it with another port.

4.  Use only valid HDMI cable.

5.  Examine the port while connecting the device.

6.  If ports are functional, you can use any HDMI cable.

While executing the above-given steps, an issue has not been fixed so far. Now, you can execute this method to resolve the Fire Stick No Signal issue.

1.  At first, switch off the TV set and take off the Fire TV from the HDMI port of the TV. Now, switch off the Fire TV stick from the power.

2.  After waiting for half a minute, connect the Fire TV Stick back to the same port and leave it unattended for 10 minutes.

3.  Thereafter, switch on your TV.

4.  Now, attach Fire Stick with HDMI port of the TV, after that, press any button of your remote, and now check the functionality of the given command.

Step 2: Resolve The Internet Connection

If Wi-Fi connectivity is improper, Fire Stick No Signal issue is generated.  So, internet connection should be proper in order to avoid this issue. If you ever encounter this issue, here are a few steps that can make your Fire Stick available.

1.  In order to identify this error, it becomes necessary to examine the Ethernet wire, and connect all the port correctly. 

2.  This error can be solved in a hardware form therefore both ends of the Ethernet should be examined carefully.

3.  The power recycles of the router needs to be executed and you are supposed to eject the power cable of the router. Now, wait for a minute and put the cable back to the power source.

4.  Same thing can be performed with the Fire Stick TV which is displaying this error. 

5.  Now, connect the Ethernet adapter with your fire stick TV which is showing the same error. 

6.  As a last resort, you can connect the adopter with your fire TV stick which you have purchased from the certified shop.

Step 3: Fix Network Settings

If something is wrong in the connection, Fire Stick No Signal is bound to be caused. This issue can be fixed by executing following steps.

1.  First and foremost, you must go to open the menu of the system.

2.  Now, look for the network.

3.  Later on tap on the play/pause button for some time. 

4.  Thus, this issue will be diagnosed with ease.

Step 4: Examine The Indicator Of The Power Light

If the power light of the TV fluctuates or gets dim, the TV turns off sporadically while streaming. It means there is an issue with power plug, socket, and power cord. 

The above-given ideas can help you resolve Fire Stick No Signal without facing a stumbling block. However, after going through this post, your issue is not resolved. Now, you can contact the Fire Stick Customer Service technicians who can help you and resolve your issue in no time.

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Guide to Troubleshoot Amazon Fire Stick No Signal Issue
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