Fire Stick Netflix Not Working

Is your Netflix Not Working on Fire Stick? Well, you have come to the right page. Amazon Fire TV Stick devices are arguably the best to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Combining it with one of the most popular media streaming Apps like Netflix make it more exciting. A Netflix subscription with good internet connection is all you need to make your Fire Stick a true entertainer. There are times when you might face technical glitches like any other gadget and your might encounter problems with Netflix App on your Fire Stick. Follow this step by step guide to fix Netflix Not Working On Amazon Fire TV.

Steps To Fix Netflix Not Working On Fire Stick Problem

  1. Check if Netflix is working on other devices, Netflix servers may be down for some time.
  2. Check Your Internet Connection, it must be working with high download speed.
  3. Re-Start your Amazon Fire Stick to fix any technical glitches it might have.
  4. Clear Data and Cache for Netflix App, this might be causing the problems.
  5. If Netflix App has not been updated for long time, update it to latest version.
  6. Update Fire Stick operating system to latest version from Amazon servers.

Now we will elaborate each one the above mentioned things in detail and let you know how can you fix Netflix Not Working On Fire Stick. So, let’s start diagnosing these thing one by one.

Netflix May Be Down

Netflix is one of the best media streaming Apps available for Amazon Fire Stick but if you are facing Netflix Not Working On Fire Stick problem than first you need verify that Netflix is working fine for others except you. There are chances Netflix’s servers might be down for some time in your region and in such scenario Netflix may be available for everyone in your area.

Check Your Internet Connection

If you are done with the first thing and Netflix is working for others then the second thing that you need check is your internet connection. Netflix is an online media streaming App and it does need a high speed internet connection otherwise Netflix Won't Work On Fire Stick every now and then. You should Connect Fire Stick to WiFi first and make sure that internet is working fine on other devices in your house such as computers and mobile phones.

Netflix Not Working On Fire Stick

Restart Your Fire Stick

If Netflix and internet both are working fine then it’s time to check the fire stick now. Amazon Fire TV Stick is a tiny device with small processor and low memory thus sometimes it gets stuck while streaming heavy data. In most of the situations a simple restart works great to fix Netflix Not Working On Fire Stick problem. Just disconnect your Fire Stick power adaptor from the wall and wait for 5 minutes then plug it back, as soon as you reach home screen, launch Netflix app and see if the issue has been resolved.

Clear Data and Cache

By clearing your application data as well as cache data, you could possibly get things back to normal on your Amazon Fire Stick as you have freed up some junk data that was stored on Netflix app. In order to do that, just press the home button and go to Fire Stick “Settings". Click the Applications, then go to “Manage Installed Applications". Here you need to find Netflix, click on it, you will see remove data option. Click on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” both one after another. Now restart the device and check if Netflix Not Working On Fire Stick issues is fixed or not.

Update Netflix App

If above mentioned steps didn’t work for you then you need to update Netflix App installed on your Amazon Fire Stick. In order to do that navigate to the Apps section and check if there are any updates available for Netflix. Outdated app might also be a cause behind Amazon Fire Stick Netflix Issues that might be ruining your online entertainment. Thus make sure you always have an updated Netflix App on your device.

Update Your Amazon Fire Stick

You should also update your Amazon Fire Stick firmware as you did for Netflix app. May be your devices has not been update for a long time thus creating Netflix Not Working On Fire Stick problem. Go to your Home Screen and then select “System", you will see here the current status of your Fire TV Stick firmware. Select the System Update, and new updates will be downloaded and installed automatically, do not forget to restart your Fire Stick after update.

We believe if you just followed above mentioned steps correctly, your Netflix issues must have gone by now, if not contact Fire Stick Support Phone Number. It is actually very easy to fix Netflix related problems on Amazon Fire Stick still if you faced any trouble, kindly let know in comments.

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I’ve done all the above…updated firestick app, cleared data and cache from netflix app. Nextflix is still showing “we’re having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title.” It shows up for every title I select. I already contacted Netflix and they couldn’t help.


My problem is that the firestick scrolls through all the selections on Netflix and won’t respond to the buttons. It is crazy scrolling so much that I’m unable to select anything.

Vinod Kumar

We are unable to get the application for Netflix and Prime Video in the Newly bought Fire TV stick

Shruthi Preetham

Hi still having problems using Netflix on my Fire Stick, even after deleting data and cache.

Nandita Burman

My Netflix is not working on my fire stick

Nandita Burman

I have tried all the steps given but haven’t been able to fix my problem. My Netflix is not working the fire stick. Other apps are working

Fire stick not working

Thanks for sharing with us. You have shared usable information with us. Keep it up.


Cannot run Netflix programs. Always get we’re having trouble playing this title please try again. I have cleared data and cache. Deleted and reinstalled. Unplugged the fire stick. No luck


I’m having the same issue it is only happens on one of the fire sticks if you figure it out please post

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