Fire Stick Menu Not Loading

Amazon Fire TV stick is one of the leading streaming devices which provide non-stop high-quality entertainment. It is enabled with updated technology but, this device is not flawless. Sometimes this fire stick develops glitches, and some of its features might refuse to work. In some cases, the fire stick works flawlessly. Sometimes, the remote of your device gets snag and stops being compatible. Most of the time, the users complain about its menu button that does not work when you tap on it. If you encounter Fire Stick Menu Not Loading Issue, this article is going to help you resolve this issue with easy steps.

The menu button of the fire stick is very crucial if it stops working, the users are going to miss out on a ton of content and features, additionally, it is also used to disable notifications, with the help of a menu button, and you can disconnect your Fire Stick from a Wi-Fi network with ease.

How to Resolve Fire Stick Menu Not loading Issue

In order to fix this error, there are many modes that users can to implement. All these modes have been explained below.

Reset your Device to Fix Fire Stick Menu Not Loading Issue

With the help of resetting your fire stick, only temporary issues can be resolved not a serious one. It is known for fixing only small glitches, the following steps are given below to do.

1. The first step is to press and hold select + play/pause buttons on the remote of the fire stick simultaneously for around five or four seconds.

2. After that, you can find the message on the screen of your fire TV such as your fire TV is power off.

3. After restarting your fire stick, if this issue remains unresolved then, you can get into the next troubleshooting method.

Uninstall Apps and Install ES File Explorer

1.  For performing this method, here a few easy steps are given for the users.

2.  At first, you must go to install ES file explorer and then move to Applications.

3.  The next step is to select each application that is enabled with Amazon icon, and then select uninstall.

4.  After that, you will find the message which is showing do you like to replace the application with the factory version.

5.  Move to select ok.

6.  After going through all these steps, restart your Amazon fire stick and see one more time your fire stick is working if not, you can go through other steps that will help you. 

Reset to Default to Fix Fire Stick Menu Not loading Issue

If your fire stick still carries this issue, you can reset the fire stick to default with ease. The required are given below.

1.  The first step is to go press and hold select +right + back reverse buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds.

2.  If you don’t get success to fix Fire Stick Menu Not loading issue, it will ask you to use press and then hold back or the right side of the navigation to gather.

3.  Later on, you will be prompted to confirm the factory reset. Now, select a suitable alternative.

Fire Stick Menu Not loading issue can be resolved with the help of this article. If you are unable to fix this issue, you can get in touch with Fire Stick Support team members who are available around the clock to fix this issue.

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Fix Fire Stick Menu Not Loading Issue Within Minutes
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