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The Amazon Fire Stick functions as a small network appliance, that covert your ordinary TV into smart TV cheaply, and delivers digital audio or video content via the internet, and it requires a good speed of the connection. Moreover, it gives easy access to several apps such as Hulu, Kodi, Pluto TV, Netflix, HBO, and list seems to be endless.  Although, it is one of the best streaming media devices, however, there are many issues that have been encountered by its users nowadays. In this post, the Fire Stick IP Address Issue is going to be covered in details so that the users will not find it hard to fix this issue.

Resolving the Issue of Fire Stick IP Address

As soon as you find this issue, you must try to make a few efforts by yourself to fix it which is very common to do such as you must switch off the Fire Stick and take the power cord off from the wall socket.  The same thing needs to be done with fire stick as well, and wait for a couple of minutes and then reconnect both devices as it used to be.  If you perform this action, that can fix minor issues of your Fire Stick and fire TV as well. Despite performing this action, the issue has not been resolved so far.

One cause cannot be a strong reason of this issue; there are several other factors that can create this issue which starts from connectivity to setting problem. In order to get rid of Fire Stick IP Address issue, all the dedicated steps are given below.

Steps to Fix Fire Stick IP Address

Method 1: Reboot your Fire Stick

1. Disconnect Fire Stick from the TV for approx 30 seconds.
2. Reconnect plug.
3. The next is to wait unless the boot process is done.
4. Reconnect the Fire Stick to the TV again.

Method 2: Reboot the Router to Fix Fire Stick IP Address Issue

1. Disconnect the power plug of your router form its power source.
2. Leave it unattended for approx 30 seconds.
3. Reconnect it again and wait for its boot.
4. Connect Fire Stick again to the network again.

After performing this action, you check the IP address, if still, persists, you must proceed to think about other factors.

Method 3: Forget the Network to Fix Fire Stick IP Address Issue

The issue of IP Address occurs sometimes due to Wi-Fi network. Here are a few steps to overcome this issue.

1. The first step is to go to the menu of Fire Stick.
2. And then, select the settings.
3. It will ask you to go to the network.
4. Now, go to select the network that is connected to, after that select forget.

Method 4: Mac ID of Fire Stick should be in the Allowed List of the Router

In order to fix this issue, some of the required steps of adding MAC ID of your Fire Stick to the allowed list of the router are given below.

1. Being the first step, you must go to the menu of your Fire Stick.
2. And then, select settings,
3. Thereafter, go to about.
4. Select the network and then find MAC address for Wi-Fi.
5. It will advise you to add the MAC address to the allowed list of the router.
6. In the end, save the change.

After this step, you can check IP address issue if it has not been fixed so far, you can make a contact to the Fire Stick Support team who are having experience of many years, and they can resolve Fire Stick IP Address issue with ease.

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How to Fix Fire Stick IP Address Issue in Simple Steps
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