Fire Stick 4K Max

Amazon has been a tycoon in streaming media players due to its advanced strategy that is to add new features one after another, gradual it has been a series of Fire Sticks. Recently, Amazon rolled new version of its streaming device is known as Amazon Fire Stick 4K MAX which is far better than Amazon Fire Stick 4K in technology. Due to its advanced features, this device has been superseding over the earlier version of Fire Stick. The Amazon claims Fire Stick 4K MAX which is one the best devices on the market so far, adding support Dolby Vision format with it has been a unique features.  Besides this issue with regard to Fire Stick, if Fire Stick users encounter other issues, they can utilize Firestick telephone number to overcome their problem easily.

Features And Specifications Of Fire Stick 4K MAX

The Fire Stick 4K MAX is 40% more powerful than the Fire Stick 4K. By seeing the features of this device, it attracts millions of new subscribers and old subscribers start switching towards it. This upgraded device is equipped with a faster MediaTek MT 8696 dominant processor that boasts of compatibility with Wi-Fi 6 routers while previous version of Fire Stick was enabled with Wi-Fi 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5). It has dominated in Wi-Fi as well by 1. The RAM of recently launched device is 2GB and it also outsmarted the previous version device which boasts of 1.5 GB. The Amazon Fire Stick 4k has quad core 1.7GHz CPU and 650MHz GPU, while on the other hand,  The Amazon Fire Stick 4K MAX is equipped with 1.8GHz  CPU and 750 MHz GPU and the on board storage of both devices  are same that is 8 GB.

The core purpose of equipping Amazon Fire Stick 4K MAX with Wi-Fi 6 is to provide a smoother experience without any disturbance and buffering in streaming. Make sure if you have a plan to use this sophisticated device, you must have compatible router to support them in-built Wi-Fi 6 to get maximum benefits out of it. It is also compatible with headphones and bluetooth speaker or video game controllers and it has been a great experience for kids who want to play video games.

Moreover, the main difference between the Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max and the previous version are to its Dolby Vision and this feature takes this device to the next step ahead of its contemporary competitors. Last but not the least, it also supports for other formats like HDR10 and HDR10+ along with Alexa Voice remote. On account of these features, this device has been one of the most advanced streaming devices in this digital era. The rest of the features are identical like the previous version of Fire Stick.

Price of Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max is around $55 which is a little bit more than the previous version of Fire Stick. This is a new device of Amazon which has been launched recently in the market. Owing to its features, it is receiving positive feedback given by its users and they seem to be very happy.

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360 Degree Analysis Of Latest Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max
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