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Amazon has launched a series of Fire Sticks in the media streaming field like the first, second, and third generations.  All the devices of Fire Stick are equipped with the latest technology and are known for their specific work.  The technology which has been used in the Fire Stick is easy to operate for the users. But many a time, its users have been seen complaining about its serial numbers which become harder to find, and it is important to know as well. In order to make a way to find serial number of Fire Stick, this post has been published and if the Fire Stick users facing an issue with it then they can contact the firestick support number to fix it in a short time the frame.

What Is The Reason To Find Serial Number Of Fire Stick?

Fire Stick is compatible with all those apps which are available on the Amazon play store. Whereas a few of the apps are not available on its Amazon store but they are very prominent. In this situation, the Fire Stick users are having one more option which is third-party apps. As you long for using a third-party app on your Fire Stick that requires the serial number of the streaming device.

The Fire Stick users do not hesitate to use jailbreak this device but for doing so, they have to provide a model number of the device. Before going further, in-depth, let us find the name of the contents which boast of a serial number of Fire Stick, including device, hardware, revision unit, manufacturers date, and revision year.

What Does Fire Stick Serial Number Mean?

At large, the serial number, along with, the features of the device, is given outside of the device box. The box of the device is printed with a brief introduction of the product so that its users can peep inside the products as well. In case the serial number on the box is missing, then you should stop accessing it, it is quite understandable that it might not be suitable for the streaming device. 

Foxconn is Taiwan based company recently it has comprised all the Fire Stick devices and after that, it has released a few numbers which start from 0 which means the new device is delivered to you. If 1 digit is sent on it, it means the device is delivered from a refurbished unit.

How To Find Fire Stick Serial Number?

With a view to Find fire Stick serial numbers, the users have to follow a few methods that can take them out of this problem.  

Method: Followed By Manually:

• First and foremost, you can keep your Fire Stick separate from your smart TV.

• You must also separate your TV and device from power.

• After that you take your Fire Stick in your hand, and go through an FCC ID model number.

• As you find the model number of your Fire Stick, note it down.

• After that you can use this device again, and no need to take the device off again.

Go To The Settings Of Your Fire Stick

The serial number of the Fire Stick which you note down is available in the device settings, and its steps are given below. 

• On the outset, you move to the homepage of your Fire Stick.

• Click on the option of the “settings.”

• As you find the system information option, under the setting option of your Fire Stick setting.

• Tap on the “about” option.

• And then, you will find the serial number as well as the model number of your Fire Stick, which you need to note down.

The steps which have been mentioned above will help you to find serial number of Fire Stick with ease, and this process takes nearly few minutes to complete for the users. Despite going through this post, if you find any trouble, you can make contact with the experts who will guide you to find serial number of Fire Stick in an easy way.

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Simple And Easy Way To Find Serial Number Of Fire Stick
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