Facts Of Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick is one of the best media streaming devices in this tech era. It is enabled with the most advanced technology that can make using the device a cakewalk. This device comes with numerous features of which one must be aware of so that the users can get the best out if. This post embodies all incredible facts of Amazon Fire Stick that can enhance and improve your experience of this device.

Alexa Hands Free Remote

Amazon Fire Stick device is incorporated with Alexa hand free remote that enables you operate Fire Stick. The users can also use the voice command option to use this remote, and it works according to your command, you say Alexa play Hindi songs, movies, sports, and whatever you say, it will do that right away with ease.  In order to use Alexa software on your remote, you need to have connection between streaming device and speaker. Thus, you can have hands-free Fire TV remote.

Enabled With Diagnostic Information

The Amazon Fire Stick is incorporated with many hidden features including frame rates, video codecs, CPU load, and many more. These features are very easily accessible for the users; you just need to press the center button of the remote control for a few seconds to navigate all these features and later on you can tap on the menu button of your remote, and you will be prompted to turn on advanced and system X-Ray option.

Phone Can Work As A Fire Stick Remote

If you want to use your Android or iOS mobile instead of Fire TV Stick’s remote, yes, it can be done without facing any difficulty. In order to use mobile as a physical remote instead your Fire Stick remote, you need to download the app of Amazon Fire Stick on your smart phone and must enter password and other required information so that it can let you access your Fire TV. In case you forget your password then you can get in touch with Fire Stick Customer Service team to retrieve it easily.  Moreover, you can use the software of Alexa via mobile as well. But make sure you can access your Amazon Fire Stick if same Wi-Fi is available.

Remote Which Can Help You To Restart Your Device

Owing to numerous reasons, Amazon Fire Stick starts misbehaving and gets crashed. If you find such kind of technical issue, no need to press the panic button. You can fix this issue via using the remote.  At first, you take remote of your Fire Stick and access the center button of it; you can press and hold the center button together of your remote , can pause and play for a couple of minutes, and you will find the message that your device is going in shut down mode. Later on you will find the hardware logo of Amazon Fire Stick and its hardware boots up again.

You Can Customize The Home Screen

Most of the time, we get bored to watch the same home screen of your Amazon Fire Stick, in this situation we will like to make some alteration in screen so that our eyes feel good and do not feel fatigue.  You move to any app on the navigation bar of your Fire TV on the top of the home screen, and you need to press “menu button” (the three lines).  You can go to hide it.  By way of following these steps, you can adjust the row of the home screen as well.

Echo Speaker For Sound Adds One More Features

If the quality of your Amazon Fire Stick audio is not as good as you want, under this situation, you can connect echo speaker to your fire TV with remote easily.  With the help of Alexa voice on your mobile, Echo speaker can be connected with your TV as well. Here are the steps which will help you click on device and + button later on combine speaker or home theater as well. But your Fire TV and Echo speaker must be on the same Wi-Fi network.

With the help of this article, the users will come to know most of the incredible facts of Amazon Fire Stick which are not commonly known to users. However, you find it hard to figure out the hidden features, you can coordinate to the customer care they will help you remotely.

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The Revelation Of Incredible Facts Of Amazon Fire Stick
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