Fire Stick, an amazing and handy streaming device, was rolled out by Amazon in the arena of digital content that has millions of its users across the world. The best thing about this device is that it can portable and can be taken on traveling to watch their favorite content whether geo-restricted or not. However, it has many issues which can make its users irritate and annoyed that is its internal storage, therefore, they cannot install the content that they wish to watch.  It comes with 8 GB internal storage, 3 GB out it is pre-installed by its content on it. It means its users are allowed to use only 5 GB of internal storage which is not sufficient. Taking the plight of Fire Stick users into consideration, this post has been published so, the internal storage of Fire Stick, Fire TV cube, fire TV, Fire TV 4K, can be extended with ease. Amazon Fire Stick is known for its sophisticated technology, however a few of the technical glitches are faced by its users if you are one of them, you can get support from FireStick Customer Service round the clock.

Things That You Need To Have To Expand Internal Storage Of Your Device

Before moving into Expanding Internal Storage Of Firestick, let’s think of a few of the required things that will help you proceed further.

• Device, like Fire Stick, Fire Stick 4K, Fire TV

• 3.0 USB flashes Drive that should be enabled with 64 GB.

• An OTG cable that is used to connect the USB with your Amazon device.

How To Keep Your Device Ready To Expand Its Internal Storage

The purpose of expanding the internal storage of FireStick is possible using a USB Drive with an OTG cable and you are recommended to use a USB drive to enhance the internal storage of your Fire Stick. Make sure that a USB drive needs is formatted so, you will not face further issues. Here, are a few steps to keep your device ready to expand Amazon firestick internal storage

• Move on to the home screen of your Fire Stick to select the setting option and click on the “my fire TV" option.

• After that you will find three options to click but you click on “about".

• now, you should select the option “check for updates"

• After that you will reach the software version of your Fire Stick.

• Soon after, take your USB to plug in the OTG adapter in order to connect it to your Fire Stick.

• Now move on to the settings option from the home screen of your Fire Stick and then select the “my fire TV" option.

• Choose the USB drive from the given list and select it.

• You will click on the “format to internal storage “option”.

• As formatting gets over, you will click on “OK".

Steps To Transfer Apps On USB Drive

After following the above-given steps, the expanding internal storage of FireStick using a USB drive is done. Here are a few of the dedicated steps that will help you to transfer apps on a USB drive.

• Move back to the previous screen to click on “USB Drive"

• You will select the option “Manage Installed Applications"

• Now, click on “show" which will be entitled to only USB.

• After that select “all applications"

• During the next step, you will select those apps which you want to transfer to the USB drive.

• A few of the apps will be transferred to your USB drive automatically, now you must give your consent by clicking on “permission"

• This process of taking apps to USB storage will take a little amount of time.

By way of following the above-given steps, Apps can be transferred to your USB storage automatically, but a few of the apps need to be transferred manually.

Here, Steps To Side Load Apps On USB Drive

These steps are meant for only sideload apps on a USB drives which are having little bit different processes are given below.

• Go to the home screen of your device and click on its settings option after that select “my TV option"

• After that, click on the “USB Drive" and then select “Manage Installed Applications"

• And then you will icon of pen drive on Aptoide TV which is sideloaded on your USB drive.

• You are unable to find an app like Netflix which is located on the USB drive, you can copy it to the USB by yourself.

• Now, on your Fire Stick to launch a file manager like x-plore file manager.

• After that move on to the X-Plore file manager menu to select the " App Manager"

• Head on the folders to select install.

• Soon after you find the Netflix app and then press the option of select.

• After that you will move on to select the copy to clipboard option.

• During the next step, you will select the “Internal Shared Storage “option and click on the “download" and hold the “OK" button.

• Soon after click the paste option.

• After this step, the process of installing the app will begin.

• After installing the app, you can uninstall the app from the internal storage of your Fire Stick.

• Move on to the home screen of your Fire Stick to launch the explore file manager one more time.

• You will be recommended to click the apk file of the Netflix application.

• Keep one thing in your mind, the feature of the install unknown apps should be enabled.

• Move on to the X-Plore file manager to click install the Netflix app.

• After that, you will find Netflix on the USB drive in the shape of a pen drive icon.

All these steps will help users to expand the internal storage of FireStick so that they can have many options to stream their favorite content.

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How To Expand Internal Storage Of Fire Stick With Ease
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