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Amazon Fire TV Stick is a streaming device that is enabled with advanced features. There are many apps that are available on this device to enjoy. Despite having unlimited features, it is not a flawless device, there are many issues that are encountered by its users. One of the most-recurring issues is an empty or buggy apps row on the Fire TV home screen. Nowadays, there are many apps in the app store of the fire stick, and third parties can also be added to it. Therefore, it becomes tough to work to maintain the row of these apps. Occasionally, some of the apps get disappeared and some part of the screen of the fire stick becomes black.

If apps are missing on the screen of the fire TV, the users cannot watch their desired program. So, they will have to face a bad experience. As this issue is triggered, the users look for the solution, this article is dedicated to resolving empty or buggy Apps in no time. After resolving this issue, you can restore your apps icons.

Steps to Resolve An Empty or Buggy Apps Row on Fire TV Screen

The following steps will help you overcome an empty or buggy apps issue within a couple of minutes.

1. You must go to the “settings” of the Fire TV, and move to the “application” menu. And select it.

2. After that you can scroll down to the bottom, and there you can find the “manage installed applications” menu and select it.

3. It will ask you to scroll down till you get to select “AppStore” option.

4. It will advise you to select three options” force stop” and then “clear data” and “clear cache”.

5. Now, go into the “my account” menu and move to sync Amazon content option.

6. At last, you can restart your Fire TV and go to the setting area to select the “device” option, as a last resort, you can select the “restart” option to fix empty or buggy apps.

7. As your fire TV restarts, leave it unattended for a couple of minutes to regain its apps row. This process is done to download all this information from Amazon Account. This process may take some time to resolve empty or buggy apps.

An Empty or buggy apps plague once in a while on the fire TV, and sometimes many apps get disappeared, and the screen becomes blank. With the help of this article, this issue can be resolved, however, if you find it hard to overcome this issue, you can coordinate Fire Stick Support technicians who are expert and can solve your issue within minutes.

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How to Fix An Empty or Buggy Apps Row on Fire TV Screen
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