Fire Stick Content Issues

The Amazon Fire TV was first released in 2014; it is an 8 GB digital media player with a micro-console remote. Amazon Fire Stick is a small entertainment appliance that uses Wi-Fi to stream digital contents – audio, video, games – to a home HD television. Also, game lovers are not left out, Amazon Fire TV allows its users to play video games using an app or through a game controller. Since the launch of the first Amazon Fire Stick, new Fire devices have launched with improved visual quality that does not encounter content issues while playing. Moreover, Amazon Fire TV has an Alexa voice remote that is very helpful while purchasing the content using voice command without touching anything.

If you have purchased a new Fire Stick, just turn it on by plugging the power adapter into a power strip, connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port at the back of your television, then, turn on your TV and setup Amazon Fire TV. For the first time, you have to choose your preferred language then select your Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet. Dial Amazon Fire TV Support Phone Number if you do not know how to configure internet settings, your ISP might also be able to help you on this.

Undoubtedly, before you stream videos, audio, play games or use apps on Amazon Fire Stick, you have to buy your desired contents from the provider. Some  of the most popular content providers in United States are Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Sling TV and many more. You have to decide what you would love to watch on your new Amazon Fire Stick and buy a subscription from the respective service provide. Unlike Netflix there are some free apps as well that you can download on Fire Stick and enjoy them but with the free apps there are frequent content issues that you might face and you won't get any support as well.

Fire Stick Content Issues

Buying an Amazon Fire TV does not grant you automatic access to its contents – it’s just like buying a TV. To gain access to the vast contents, you need to have an account with each streaming provider (some paid, some free) and/or subscribe to a satellite or cable. However, most times Amazon Fire Stick users encounter issues while purchasing contents. In such situation Amazon Fire Stick Support Phone Number would be a life saver, you should save this number in your cell phone to deal with such issues.

Fixing Content Issue on Amazon Fire TV Stick

I understand how it feels not being able to stream your favorite shows on Amazon Fire Stick, even after trying to purchase the service. Conversely, if you have problems purchasing contents on Amazon Fire, try this solution to fix content issues on Amazon Fire Stick device.

  1. Confirm that your device is connected to the internet; from the Fire Menu, select Settings > Network.
  2. Make sure that the 1-Click payment method is set up correctly.
  3. 1-Click payment allows you to connect a debit, credit or Amazon Store Card with your frequent shipping address, so you can place orders with a click of a button.

Changing your 1-Click settings is easy. Go to 1-Click settings and turn your 1-Click ordering ON; also, change your default 1-Click payment method and shipping address.

Another Content Issues like the one above is a “Declined” notification for new Prime Video order. To fix this issue, all you need do is to; update your payment information in Prime Video settings. However, to update your payment information follow these steps:

  • Go to Prime Video settings > Your Account
  • Go to Payment Settings Sections
  • Select change option next to Payment method

Note. Charge for previously declined Prime Video orders should go through when you place a new order.

If you keep your payment methods updated in your Amazon account, you won’t face any content issues on Fire TV Stick while making a purchase and your orders will go thoroughly smoothly.

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How to Fix Content Issues on Amazon Fire TV Stick in Minutes
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