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Fire Stick is a streaming device that can be connected not only to ordinary TV but also to a laptop. Fire Stick is incorporated with the latest features which are far better than those of its contemporary devices. Most users post their comments on the community like how to connect Fire Stick to laptop. If you are one of them who do not know how to use or connect Fire Stick to laptop, you are in the right place to learn it. Being sophisticated devices, Fire Stick users come across other issues as well, if you come across any sorts of technical glitches, you can use the Firestick customer service phone number to fix the issue.   

Can You Use Fire Stick On Laptop?

To use Fire Stick on your laptop is not a piece of cake and it seems to be complicated to get the answer to this question. It has a process that you need to follow to connect Fire Stick to laptop. If you think by inserting the streaming device into the HDMI port of your laptop, it will start working; it is not so. As we know that Fire Stick is enabled with an HDMI output port, so is the laptop, but this way, you cannot use your device with your laptop. By using an HDMI splitter, the screen of the Fire Stick can be displayed on both laptop and computer with ease. The HDMI splitter is used as a tool that mirrors the screen of your Fire Stick with your laptop and computer. It means that you cannot use this device directly. 

Connect Fire Stick To Laptop:

The Fire Stick on Laptop can be connected in two ways using either HDMI splitter or HDMI video capture. The usability of these two tools is different like HDMI splitter can display same screen on two monitors while HDMI video is used to convert output into input. Either way you can adopt but you should be enabled with complete information to use these two tools completely to pave the easy way. Without further ado, you can get to know how to use these two ways. 

Method Of Using HDMI Splitter:

HDMI splitter is the name of the device and the work of this device is to connect the same screen at the same time on two monitors. Oodles of splitters are available on the market but POWLAKEN is highly ranked that supports 4K @30fps and 1080p, and so on. This device is supportable with many devices like Fire Stick 4K, Apple TV, Windows, Mac, and many more. This device is much better than other devices because it supports Dolby Atmos audio. With the help of this device, it is used to share both audio and video simultaneously. The next thing important thing of this device is to its price that is quite affordable.  

Use HDMI Video Capture:

HDMI video capture is produced by Panoraxy that can be used on laptops, windows, mac books, and so on like an HDMI splitter. In order to use this device, you just plug a USB into the USB port of your laptop after that you can plug your Fire Stick into an HDMI port which is located on the backside. Now, you must boot your Fire Stick with the help of the remote soon after you will find the boot screen now you can good to go. Video capture is enabled with other features as well like using a DSLR as a WebCam, recording videos, streaming videos, and many more. If you compare the price of these two devices, you will find HDMI video capture that is much cheaper than that of HDMI splitters.  

Steps To Setup Video Capture To Connect Fire Stick To Laptop:

In order to use HDMI video capture to use Fire Stick on the laptop, one must follow the steps that will guide you to overcome this issue with ease. 

• To begin with, plug Fire Stick into the HDMI port of the video capture and then connect Micro USB too. 

• After that you can connect video capture to laptop and also connect USB to either adapter or Laptop to supply power it up. 

• As soon as this process is done, download and install OBS software on your device and launch it. 

• As you launch it, in order to set up this device, you must give permission to set up, and then a home screen appears to tap on the “plus sign” under sources.   

• After that there will be many options that should be ignored by you and tap on “video capture device”

• On the next screen, you will type the name of the source like FireSticklab after that select ”ok” to save it. 

• You will access the drop-down menu to click that is near the device and from there to select USB video. 

• By using the preset option that is located under the device and then select as high then tap on “Ok” to save it.

• After that you will find Fire Stick that displays on the laptop to see it and full-screen right-click in the black zone and then move to the full-screen projector and select “LCD” from there.

• With the help of your remote, the Fire Stick is available on full screen and you can open any apps from there. 

• By way of following the above steps, you can connect your Fire Stick to your laptop in just two minutes.   

To connect fire stick To the laptop seems to be a herculean task for its users before going through this post. But with the help of this post, it has been easy for its users to do it. however, if fire stick users still encounter this issue, they can get support from the experts remotely who can resolve this glitch in no time.  

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