The Amazon FireStick can be connected to both Wi-Fi and mobile Hotspot to stream content on your FireStick. Many a time, it has been noticed that Wi-Fi is not available in this situation; one can connect a mobile hotspot to its Amazon FireStick. One only needs to have a hotspot-compatible device to connect to FireStick. But many of the mobile and FireStick users do not know how to connect a mobile hotspot to FireStick. But this post is enabled with complete information to resolve your problem visit

The following steps to help you how to connect a Mobile hotspot to FireStick:

• To begin with, turn on the hotspot on your mobile phone.
• After that, you will connect your FireStick device to your TV, and switch to the convenient input.
• Now, go to the home screen of your FireStick, and select the “Gear Icon”.
• Now, select “Network”.
• After that, select “your mobile hotspot network”.
• Provide the Password for your mobile hotspot.
• Select” Connect”.
• Thus, you will be able to connect a mobile hotspot to FireStick.

Does My FireStick Work With My Mobile Hotspot?

Connecting a mobile hotspot to your FireStick becomes easy for FireStick users, and it is also very simple to do.  As we know that mobile hotspot is not as effective as Wi-Fi Network. While using a mobile hotspot, one can experience buffering because it is not as fast as Wi-Fi. 

If your mobile connection does not have consistent download speeds of a minimum of 3 Mbps, it will not be compatible with your FireStick; it means it does not work well. In the case of having the desire to stream content in high definition, it means the download speed of the content must be at least 5Mbps. If you want to stream the content on your FireStick without facing any buffering issues, the downloading speed must be faster than that. 

Why Is My iPhone Hotspot Not Compatible With My FireStick?

If your connection is fast or up to the mark, your iPhone hotspot will work with your FireStick. If the iPhone connection is not fast, you will find a message like a connection error. But this error can be fixed manually by configuring the Wi-Fi connection on your FireStick.  

Here are the steps to help you manually set up a FireStick connection to your iPhone hotspot:

• First of all, you will turn on the hotspot on your iPhone. 

• And then, move on to the home screen of your FireStick and select the “Gear Icon”. 

• Select “Network”. 

• Now, highlight” the iPhone mobile hotspot connection”, after using the mobile remotely, you will press the “Menu Icon” on your remote if you forget the connection.

• Now, Select” Join other networks”.

• Provide the SSID of the iPhone hotspot. 

• And then, select “Advanced”.

• enter the IP address such as

• enter the gateway such as

• After that, set the prefix length up to 28. 

• enter  the DNS like 

• The 2nd DNS filed bland must be left. 

• Finally, select “connect”. 

With the help of the post, one can connect a mobile hotspot to FireStick with ease. However, if one finds any problem can contact online experts to get a solution to the issue.

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How To Connect A Mobile Hotspot To FireStick or FireTV?
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