Comparison Between Fire Stick VS Chromecast

The Amazon Fire Stick and the Google Chromecast are top-notch devices in the arena of entertainment and are giving very tough competition to each other. Both these streaming devices are enabled with cutting-edge features and try to cement their position in the streaming market. The new users find it difficult to pick the right one according to their needs. This post will cover the nitty-gritty of these two devices thus the users will pick one easily. A few points which must be considered by its users before buying any device include its features, price, and design, after analyzing these points, the users will be able to decide which streaming device will be their first choice.

In order to make this competition as fair as possible, this article focuses on these two leading streaming devices the Google Chromecast and the Amazon Fire Stick. This post also covers the downside of these devices which are experienced by its users so that the users can judiciously make a decision of spending their money.

Which Is Convenient For You Amazon Fire Stick Or Google Chromecast

The core concept of these two devices is to watch the program including movies, shows, sports, plays, YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix etc. on your non-smart TV. Their approach is different from each other.

Google Chromecast

The Chromecast is operated by your mobile phone or computer, which means this device does not have a remote, and at the time of using Chromecast, the phone must be around the TV. The apps of android and iOS are supported by this device and the users can use mirror technology to use this device. If you like, you can also cast it from your personal computer. Make sure you can watch only the saved video.

Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire stick is a leading device in itself. The internal memory of this device is used to install hundreds of apps. It can be paired with its Bluetooth remote. For operating this device, you do not need a phone to be around your TV, rather it requires two things Amazon’s dongle and TV.

Amazon Fire Stick offers a traditional room experience, where you can browse different installed channels with ease. Google Chromecast comes with a different TV approach and with the help of your mobile phone you can stream all the content which is available in the apps. While on the one hand, fire TV stick is easy to operate, on the other hand, Google’s Android TV comes with the flexibility of what you intend to watch it.

Price Difference Of Amazon Fire Stick And Google Chromecast

The price of the Google Chromecast is £ 30 with a bendy HDMI cable that can be inserted into an HDMI port despite having a limited place. At this price, the remote is not included. Whereas the Amazon Fire TV stick is available at the price of £ 39.99 including a price of Alexa voice remote which is the most comprehensive TV remote. If you are in the mood of reducing the price of the Fire TV Stick, you can go to buy Amazon Fire TV Stick lite which is possible to buy at the price of £ 29.99. A few features of the remote are missing like power buttons or volume.

Design Of Amazon Fire Stick And Google Chromecast

The design of both devices is having similarities that can be used in the HDMI port on the rear side of the TV that seems to be invisible. The Google Chromecast comes with a black round dongle with a short and flexible HDMI cable. Whereas Amazon Fire TV Stick is available in black color and the design of Fire Stick is similar to a USB stick. It is a small and thin device that can be placed into an HDMI port on the backside of your TV and is unnoticeable. Both devices are incorporated with full HD, thus the users can get good use of old TV.

Both devices are enabled with sophisticated technology and are trying to be a threat to each other. The overview of this post goes in favor of the Amazon Fire TV Stick due to many reasons like it can be operated with the help of Alexa remote that makes its operation smooth. If you need more information, you can contact to the Fire Stick Support Number. The Experts are available around the clock to resolve your issue in a minute remotely.

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Side By Side Comparison Between Fire Stick VS Chromecast
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