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In abundance, many streaming devices are available in the online or offline market. The name of the leading streaming device is Amazon fire stick in the arena of entertainment that earned its name globally. An app store of Amazon is decorated with numerous applications but in terms of web browsers, only two browsers can find its place in the Amazon App store Mozilla Firefox and silk, and both are optimized for the operating system, and the users can get full internet experience while silk is available in house browser. Other browsers can be used on Fire Stick as well but as a third-party app. In this post, all of the ins and outs of installing Google Chrome on Fire Stick are covered. By way of going through this tutorial step by step, you will be able to install Google chrome on your Fire Stick.

Why Install Google Chrome on Fire Stick

Google chrome is one of the most compatible web browsers with other operating system like iOS, android, windows, Mac, and Linux. Furthermore, it is enabled with unimaginable features when you consider it as a web browser. Therefore, it has been necessary to install Google Chrome on Fire Stick to secure the advantage of the flowing features. The most important feature of Google chrome is that your privacy is in the safe hand with utmost care.

1. It is very easy to delete browsing data, cookies, and browsing history, and you are free to use incognito mode.

2. It saves your privacy and protects it. It is well-known fact that the users of chrome browser can sync with Google account.

3. In case of using numerous websites, you can maintain the history, bookmark, and so on for each website.

4. Web page can be opened either on mobile or desktop.

Steps to Install Google Chrome on Fire Stick

Various apps can be downloaded from the Amazon play store on Fire Stick. But Google chrome is not offered by the Amazon Fire Stick apps store. In this situation, you are left with one option that is downloading it as a third-party app. The following steps will help you install Google Chrome on Fire Stick but none of the steps should be missed to avoid interruption. Therefore, you must install it carefully step by step.

Step 1: Plug-in and Connect the Amazon Fire Stick

1. At first, you insert a Fire Stick into the HDMI port of your TV.  

2. After connecting Fire Stick, you can see the home screen of your TV and you will find live-videos, settings, movies, apps, TV shows, and many more.

Step 2: Move To Settings ADB Debugging

1. Go to select the option which is on the upper right-hand side.

2. Thereafter, go to settings to find my fire TV option and click on it.

3. As you click on it, it will ask you to scroll down till you find the “developer option” and from there move to ADB debugging.  It is off by default.

4. The next step is to turn on “apps from unknown sources” which is found in the menu of developer.

5. After that, you will receive a warning from the Amazon app store about installing an app from unknown sources. You just need to ignore it.  Now click on the “turn on” to neutralize the warning.

Step 3: Receive The Downloader App From The Amazon App Store

1. Move to the home page, and find the search tool, the icon of search tool look like a magnifying glass.

2. The next step is to type downloader, which you will find under the section of APPS & GAMES.

3. Hit on the icon, downloading of the downloader will be started. 

4. The installation process will be finished itself but the time depends on the speed of the internet.

Step 4: Download Chrome.Apk

1. As soon as installation gets over, move to open and launch the downloader. You are supposed to click on allow to give storage permission on your Fire Stick.

2. Now, click on the “ok” in order to avoid update change and move to continue.

3. There are numerous app stores which are created by the people on Google, and you can download and Google Chrome on Fire Stick from there. Just click on the following link

4. Easily, you can download app on your Fire Stick by way of navigating for Chrome.apk. Many apps are available there. It starts downloading itself. 

Step 5: Install Chrome.Apk

1. The downloading process gets over in a few moments, after that it will ask you to click on install Google Chrome on Fire Stick, and then hit on the “done”.

2. After that, you will come to know the installed location of the chrome browser via a pop-up notification.

3. In order to save storage of Fire Stick, the users want to delete temporary.apk files from delete part.

Step 6: Accept Terms Of Services & Privacy Policy Of Google Chrome

1. It will advise reaching to the home page of your Fire Stick and to click on the home button.

2. Find Apps & channels, and then find Google chrome browser to click on it.

3. As you get the message of “accept terms of services & privacy”. You must tick the checkbox it means you are ready to accept &continue to click on it.

4. As soon as you click on it, you can access the search page of Google Chrome.

The above-given information of this article is enough to help you install Google Chrome on Fire Stick. If you are unable to install this app on Fire Stick, you can contact the Fire Stick Support, who are available round the clock.

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Trouble Free Steps To Install Google Chrome On Fire Stick
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