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To Change location on Fire Stick is the issue that is often faced by its users. As we know that Fire Stick has a certain geo-location which varies from country to country. This situation is faced by those users who travel a lot and want to watch their favorite program which is blocked in their country region. In this situation, they do not need to worry about the programs which they like to watch, but they need to carry a small device that is as big as a pen drive of the computer. In order to access your favorite program, the Fire Stick location can be changed in two possible ways, the first way is to go to the settings of the Fire Stick, and the second way is to use a VPN within the Fire Stick. Apart from this issue if you have any other issues regarding Fire Stick you can utilize team help to overcome your concern.

Many users give preference to the second method when it comes to accessing regionally controlled streaming content and watching free content while saving IP addresses.

Learn How To Change Country On Amazon

In order to learn to change the location on Fire Stick, it is known as one of the first steps is used to change the country and location on the Amazon account. Before moving towards how to change location on Fire Stick, it is important to check how to change your country and location on your Amazon account.

Few Dedicated Steps Which Are Give Below

• In order to reach the country flag icon, you must open the Amazon website.

• After that select “change country/region list.

• Pick the country which you like.

• After that you can select “go to website”.

• As the last step, you must refresh the web page, and you find the country region is changed. 

Method 1: Change Location By Using Fire Stick.

Being a simple method, many Fire Stick users use this method too, but it is not as popular as the second one. In order to change location on Fire Stick, here are a few steps which are given below.   

You use to change location on Fire Stick either by Alexa or manually.

• Step 1: At the outset, go to the home screen of the Fire Stick and click on “settings”.

• Step 2: After that, you will be advised to click on the “preferences” option.

• Step 3: Now, you can select and click on “location”. 

• Step 4:  Lastly, you will be asked to enter the zip code/ postcode of your country that you want to connect.    

Method 2: Change Location By Using VPN:

• If you are at the place where you cannot access your content due to the geo-restricted regions, but you can access that content via installing a VPN, it is one of the easiest and easiest methods to change location on Fire Stick.  

• In order to change the location of the Fire Stick, I will like to recommend you use a VPN on Fire Stick, and dedicated steps are given below.     

• Start your Fire Stick, after that click on the “search icon”.

• Now, type in the search bar, and click on it. 

• And then, find the app from the given list

• After that hit on “the download or get” option in order to Install VPN on the Fire Stick device.   

• After that click on “open” and then the process will be completed.

• Now, go to log in and provide your email and password in their given field.  

• Now, go to find the name of the country server and then connect to the server.

• With the help of a VPN, you can change your location and country to get a new IP address. 

• Now, you have done it successfully to change the location of the country on the Amazon fire stick by using a VPN connection.  

Changing location on Fire Stick is necessary for those users who travel a lot and want to watch their favorite program; the above-given steps will help them to overcome this issue.

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Learn How To Change Location On Fire Stick In Details
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