Amazon Fire TV is sophisticated device that can convert ordinary TV into a smart TV. Using this device, one can stream one’s favorite digital content, such as pictures, videos, audio, apps.  Many of its users do not know how to cast to Firestick from PC or Phone. Taking their grievances into consideration, this post comes with complete information that will guide you on how to cast to Firestick from PC or Phone. But one has to be in the post till the end. To Cast to FireStick From PC or phone requires separate steps to perform which are given below or get help through Amazon Firestick support

Prerequisites To Cast To Your Fire TV Stick:

In general, the Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC, or Android devices already are enabled with the ability to cast. On the other hand, an iOS device like iPhone needs a third-party app to cast. Moreover, devices need to turn on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. One must restart one’s computer and other devices before setting up Bluetooth. In the present scenario, new Bluetooth comes with a new setting in Windows 11 that provides a better experience. In order to cast, both devices must be placed at a distance not more than 30 feet.

Cast To Your Firestick From Windows 10 Or 11 PC:

Using the Windows Action Center, one can cast to the Fire Stick. 

• Press the home button on your Fire TV remote for three seconds.

• Now, choose to mirror. 

• Soon, you will find the screen for displaying mirroring. 

• Go to the manage notifications window on your PC, and click the “small square icon” which is in the lower right corner. 

• Now, click the “Button”. 

• After that, tap “on the name of the Fire TV” that you want to set up. 

• Thus, you will be able to mirror the display from your device to Fire TV that will show up on your TV. 

• By way of executing the above-given steps, the Fire TV will get the files from your computer. 

Note:  If you are on the display mirroring screen, the Alexa feature of your FireStick cannot be used because it is still in mirror mode, and it will remain in mirror mode until you press the button on the remote button to leave the screen. 

Using The Android Device To Cast Your Fire TV Stick:

An Android Device can cast to a Fire TV right out of the box which depends upon the type of Android Device you have as all the devices are having different settings. The following steps to help you cast your Fire TV Stick using the Android Device. 

• Take the remote of the FireStick and hold the home button for three seconds.

• After that, choose to mirror. 

• Soon you will find the screen for display mirroring.

• Click on the settings option given on the Home screen of your Android.

• Now find connected devices option to click on it.

• Tap on the Cast option.

• As you will click on cast option, list of the devices available for casting will open up. Select your Fire TV Stick from the list of available devices to begin casting Android on it.

• Click on the ellipsis icon in the top right corner if your Fire TV Stick’s name is not found.

• Click on the checkbox next to “Enable Wireless Display" to enable mirroring of your Android on the Fire TV Stick.

• By completing the last step, the name of your Fire TV Stick will be added to the list. Click on it to start casting your Android on the Fire TV Stick.

Cast to a Fire Stick from Your iPhone or iPad

To cast from your iPhone or iPad to your Firestick, you’ll need to download a third-party app such as AirScreen. While it’s possible to cast without a third-party app, you may encounter frequent unwanted ads that can disrupt your experience. Therefore, it’s recommended to use a third-party app for a smoother experience.

• Press and hold home button of your firestick remote for around 3 seconds.

• Now click on the “Apps”.

• Now tap on the Appstore.

• Type “AirScreen" in the search bar or use the microphone button to perform a voice search.

• Now click on the Airscreen app to download and set up the app.

• Now as the download and installing completes click to open the app.

• Click “Continue" when the “Welcome" screen appears.

• Now look for “Connect a device” option and click on it.

• Click “Confirm" when prompted to verify that both your iOS device and Firestick are on the same wireless network.

• Use the camera on your iOS device to scan the QR code displayed on the “Get Started” frame.

• Select the “Entire Screen" option on your iOS device when prompted with “Which type of content do you want to share?"

Now you will be presented with instructions for cast from iOS device, for which you need to keep your Airscreen app running.

Now Last Few Steps

• Click on the “Mirror Screen" box after swiping down from the top right of your iOS device.

• Now click on AS-AFTT.

• Your Fire TV Stick is now able to mirror the content displayed on your iOS device.

This tutorial has comprehensively covered all the relevant information on how to cast to Firestick from a PC or phone. However, if you can across any difficulty during the process, you can contact to experts who are available round the clock to assist you.

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How To Cast To FireStick Form PC or Phone With Ease?
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