Fire Stick Troubleshooting

Amazon Fire Stick is definitely one of best online media streaming devices built on a very robust platform. Amazon has made this device carefully, still there are many users who continuously face problem with Fire Stick that makes it hassle for them. But do not worry there are effective basic troubleshooting solutions that will help you to fix these problems. You might even learn new troubleshooting skills that would help you in the future. Today in this article, we will let you know how to fix most common issues and problems with Amazon Fire Stick. Here are the most common problems with their solutions.

Amazon Fire Stick Freezing

If your Amazon Fire Stick is freezing, do not worry, just follow simple instructions to fix this problem. Disconnect the power adaptor from the wall and put it back after few seconds to restart your Amazon Fire TV Stick. There is another way of doing it from the remote control. On home screen, go to the “Settings" and then select “Device" option. Here will see an option to “Restart" your device, click on it. Restarting Fire Stick is one of the best way to fix freezing problems.

Forgot Parental Control Password

A parental control is essential if you have kids in your house and they are also watching TV on same Fire Stick. But in an event if you forget the password it might be a difficult situation for you. Do not worry, it is actually very simple to Reset Fire Stick Parental Control Password. On the same screen where it asks for password, just enter the wrong pin for five times continuously.  Then will prompt you to set and new pin and you are good to go. We do have a detailed article on how to Setup Fire Stick Parental Control just for your convenience.

Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshooting

Issues With Certain Apps

There are times when you might face issues with certain Apps on your Fire Stick. You might face problems while installing Apps or the apps already installed might behave strangely. This basic troubleshooting guide is all about fixing these kinds of problems, just follow these steps. However excellent Fire Stick Support is also there is these steps dint work for you, so there is nothing to be worried about.

  1. Go to “Settings" option then click on “Applications"
  2. Then, choose “Manage Installed Apps" on Fire Stick.
  3. Next, select the application you have the trouble using.
  4. You can clear the “Data" and “Cache" to optimize the performance.
  5. You can also change some settings of the app for optimization.
  6. You can also use force stop option.
  7. You can uninstall the app if you decide to reinstall it later.

Fire Stick Audio Issues

If you are facing audio issues on your device, do not worry, solving Amazon Fire Stick Sound Problems is very simple. You just have to check few things on your device, here are the great steps you can do:

  1. Make sure the audio system is not muted.
  2. Make sure AV receiver is on if the Fire TV Stick is connected to it.
  3. Next, go to “Settings" and then select “Sounds and Display".
  4. Make sure the Dolby Digital is in the off mode.

The Amazon Fire Stick is a great device if you know how to fix problems as and when they appear. For sure, you have a great time using it always with your family. We believe this Basic Troubleshooting guide will help you a lot to fix commonly occurring issues with your Fire Stick, still if you have questions, ask them in comments. Alternatively, you can always contact Fire Stick Customer Service in you respective country where you will get complete solution of your problems. This team is very responsive and there is hardly any waiting time over the call. Community forum is also a great place where you can write in detail about your issues and expert members will answer to your queries, you can even ask questions there.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Troubleshooting Guide For Beginners
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Michelle Quinn

My fire stick was started 2 days ago. I stops every 10 minutes and says to delete applications. I have 2 other sticks that are not doing this. What do I need to do to fix the problem?


My fire tv home page is showing home is currently unavailable go to network settings and going to network settings nothing is coming there empty screen no options..
Have restarted the device also but nothing is happening
What to do

Teresa Tipton

I keep getting a browser not supported message on my firestick. I have tried the back and right buttons to reset, still not working. I am also unable to go to main menu. It keeps going directly to sign in screen.


I have Amazon fire TV stick 4k. Live tv updated features not working.

Vinny D'Eredita

Everytime i go to download an iptv it tells me to check my connection. I even bought a new stick and still having the same problem. I called up my internet provider an they said my connection is excellent and get in touch with you guys.

LuAnn Lane

I have just installed a Firestick 4K on my TV. Everything works great, EXCEPT that I cannot get the sound to work at all. All I get is white noise. Help! (I went through that menu that asked if toggling the plus and minus changed the volume of the music. Well, there was no music. I have no extra speakers or sound devices connected to the TV. PLEASE help me figure this out!


My fire stick remote seems to have stopped working I have change the batteries I have unplugged the fire stick from the back and re-plugged in and Alexa doesn’t work it just seems dead


My fire stick remote just doesn’t seem to work at all anymore it’s not frozen Alexa isn’t working and I’ve change the batteries

Kevin Sullivan

My fire tv doesn’t give me channel information, says program information currently unavailable

Donald Bulbach

When using my hotspot off my Samsung phone its asking me for a password. I don’t have a password

Warren Holm

I’m having a problem signing in my new firestick account. I’m not good at this, I’m 75 well you know😉

Lori stanek

I get message home unavailable go to settings so i go to setting and i give wifi password and says conneting scanning disconnet conneting and it does this for eternity on both tvd


Having the same problem


I reset my password and it works fine on my phone but keeps asking my password on tv


After setting up fire stick volume when I try to turn volume up or down the tv shuts off

Alfredo Perez-Cappelli

My fire stick goes on and off every 10 seconds, it is not resetting, just the image turns dark for about 10 seconds and back on again constantly

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