Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Troubleshooting Guide

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Some homeowners face some problems with their Amazon TV. If you’re one of the TV users what will you do? You can’t simply get another TV, right? It’s a waste of time and your money. Besides, there are effective basic troubleshooting solutions you can do fix the problem. You might even learn new troubleshooting skills that would help you in the future. Don’t worry because you can do it! Here are the common problems you can fix:

The Amazon TV is Blank, Frozen or Suddenly Turns On/Off

If your Amazon Fire TV Frozen, do not worry, just follow simple instructions. You disconnect the plug of the TV from the outlet. Then, you put the plug back on the socket.  You can also try another option in using the remote.  You start the TV by pressing then hold Select option. Then, you select the Play or the Pause buttons. You can choose the Settings option on the remote. You select the Device option then press Restart that you see on the menu.

Basic Troubleshooting

You Forgot Your PIN

Your PIN is essential for you to have a fast and easy use of your TV.  But, what if you forgot to enter it? Here are the simple steps you can do. You can select the Parental Controls option and choose a new PIN. You can find this in the Video PIN then you can now reset the PIN. The process is fast and leaves you with no hassles.

Issues Concerning Certain Apps

Some users aren’t lucky installing and downloading using the Amazon TV. It’s a big problem if you want to use it at once. You relax and follow these simple steps:

  1. You select the Settings option then you click Applications.  Then, you choose the management of the installed apps on the TV menu.
  2. Next, you can select the application you have the trouble using.  Now, you can do the following steps:
  • You can clean the data and cache.  When you clean the cache, you have a sure way to maximize the performance of the TV and the app.
  • You can change some settings of the app to assure an excellent result.
  • You can make the app to force stop.
  • Users can uninstall the app would be a good solution you can do.
  • If you have 1st and 2nd Generation Fire TV, you have the choice to transfer the app from the internal to the external storage.

Also, it would be good advice if you reinstall the app. Some users gain a good result after trying this tip.

Solving Audio Issues

Solving Amazon Fire TV Sound Problem is very simple. Here are the great steps you can do:

  • You make sure the audio system is not muted.
  • You check the AV receiver is on if the Fire TV is connected to a receiver.
  • Next, you select the Settings option then the Sounds and Display category. You make sure the Dolby Digital is in the off function.

The Amazon TV offers you comfort if you fix some issues about it. For sure, you have a great time using it always with your family.

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