Fire Stick Sound Not Working

“If for some reasons fire stick sound not working for you, there can be multiple reasons behind this such as problem with TV, issue with the speaker setup or problem with fire stick Dolby digital settings. But, do not panic, there are few easy ways to fix Amazon fire stick sound issues. Be patient and read this article carefully to fix this problem easily."

Why Fire Stick Sound Not Working?

Just like Amazon's any other device, Fire Stick is not immune to technical problems or internal issues. Aside from the most common buffering or frozen problem, fire stick can also be susceptible to problems with the sound of the television and movies being shown. There may be several reasons behind the problem why Fire Stick Sound Not Working, few of them might be a bit technical as well. There can be issues with the movie or the show itself or you might have muted the device accidentally. Last but not the least the AV receiver might be turned off or not working properly.

How To Fix Amazon Fire Stick Sound Issues

Although there can be multiple things that might have caused the audio problem but if for some unexpected reasons you experience problems with the sound or audio while using your Fire TV Stick, don’t panic and try the following steps to fix Amazon Fire Stick Sound Issues. You need to follow the below mentioned steps one by one and in proper order, do not try to skip anything.

amazon fire stick sound issues
  1. Un-mute Your Fire Stick & TV
  2. Disconnect All Bluetooth Devices
  3. Disable Dolby Digital Plus
  4. Turn ON Stereo Output

Most of the times above mentioned four things are the main problems behind fire stick no sound issue. Now, we will check all these things one by one to fix fire stick sound problems.

1. Un-mute Your Fire Stick & TV

This might sound a bit silly but sometimes we accidentally mute the audio output either from the fire stick or from the TV itself. Thus if fire stick sound not working, first we need to un-mute both TV & fire stick and then increase the volume as there are chances that the volume might be too low to hear. Also if you have external speakers connected to the TV, check them as well.

2. Disconnect All Bluetooth Devices

In the next step, we need to disconnect all the Bluetooth speakers and other devices connected to the fire stick. There is a chance that audio might be going to these devices and you are facing Amazon fire stick sound issues, so follow these steps.

Remove Bluetooth Devices
  • From the “Settings“, go to “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices
  • Then navigate to “Other Bluetooth Devices
  • Remove all Bluetooth headphone and speakers

3. Disable Dolby Digital Plus

New age fire stick devices are equipped with Dolby Digital Plus feature to enhance the audio outcome of some TV shows & movies. Actually this is a very good feature but some time you might end up with fire stick sound not working problem if this feature is enabled.

Dolby Digital Off
  • Right from the “Home” page, go to “Settings
  • Then Choose “Display & Sound” option
  • Now go to “Audio” and then “Dolby Digital Output
  • Now turn “OFF” Dolby Digital Plus to disable it

4. Turn ON Stereo Output

After disabling Dolby Digital, you need to choose the stereo output from your fire stick device otherwise you will still experience fire stick sound not working problem. Here are the few simple steps to do this.

Surround Sound
  • From the “Settings” go to “Display & Sound
  • Now navigate to “Audio” option
  • Then go to “Surround Sound
  • Here you need to select “Best Available” option

So these are the things that you need to check in order to fix fire stick sound not working problem. You can also try restarting your fire stick device or performing a factory reset. If still you have facing Fire Stick No Sound problem then we will recommend you to contact support for faster resolution.

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Dylan Johnson

my fire tv makes buzzing noise when i try to use equalizer fx pro app. how can i fix this buzzing noise?

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Gyan Singh khurana

My fire stick sound button volume up and down button are not working.. mute button is not working.. I set it up for the first time. And from day 1 it’s not working


Help me to subscribe to a TV program I have the Amazon fire stick remote


I cannot get sound from my Bluetooth speakers when connecting to my firetv cube but they work on my firetv stick

Robert Archambault

If I select Dolby Digital Plus in the Firestick settings, I will end up with no audio. But when playing a video on Amazon Prime Video, whether a TV episode or movie that features Dolby Digital Plus as an audio option and select it manually once I start the show, it plays perfectly with a huge difference in sound quality from the basic Stereo sound default. My surround sound receiver is obviously compatible, so I wonder if there is any way to be able to select Dolby Digital Plus in the settings panel instead of having to select it before… Read more »

Markeal bailey

The fire stick tv that i have sound just keeps going in and out and it just really starting to piss me off so can i please get some help


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Dan Y

How do I stop the sound from a different application from playing over another application?

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