Android TV Vs Fire Stick

In the arena of digital entertainment, Android TV and Fire Stick are leading products and both are equipped with the most advanced technology. In this cutting-edge environment, both these devices try ruling the market by giving neck to neck competition to each other. It is very tough for the customers to pick the best one. In order to solve this issue, this post is dedicated to provide all the key points to its customers that can help them to select the better one between Android TV Vs Fire Stick devices.

Points To Be Considered By The Customers

The customer feels at sea when they have to select one of these two prominent streaming devices. In case you are facing issue or you want to know more about Fire Stick then get in touch with firestick customer service number team, they will help you fix your issue or query easily. Here are the lists of the key points which must be considered by the users of the Fire Stick.

  • Hardware of Android TV Vs Fire Stick.
  • Software of Android TV Vs Fire Stick.
  • User interface of the device.
  • Games which can be played on it.

Hardware of Android TV Vs Fire Stick

The hardware, features, prices, specifications of Android TV varies from device to device. The Google TV dongle boasts 8 GB of storage memory and 2 GB of RAM. It is incorporated with new UI (user interface) and 1.9 GHz processor. The cost of this device is $49.99. Mi Box S is equipped with 2GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, the latest version of Mi Box was equipped with A53-based processor. The price of this device is $66. NVIDIA Shield TV is enabled with Tegra XI + processor and a 256-core GPU. The price of this device ranges from $129 to $179. 

Many of the Fire Stick is equipped with the feature of a quad-core along with 1.7 GHz processor, and the storage memory of this device is 8 GB and 1 GB RAM. The cost of the Fire Stick varies from device to device. Amazon has rolled out a series of Fire Sticks like Fire TV Stick 4k, Fire TV Stick lite, and Fire TV Stick Cube, and their prices vary from $29.99 to $119.99 respectively.

Software Of Android TV Vs Fire Stick

Google rolled out the most advanced Android TV OS that is equipped with Android TV. With the help of this OS, the uses of this device can access thousand of Android apps on the TV including a few prominent apps also like YouTube, Disney+, Netflix, and Prime Video and so on. The users can access as many as 6500+ apps on their Android TV. The users can get the best use of voice assistant. With the help of voice assistant, the users can give it command to perform actions. The chromecast feature is also available in Android TV which is missing in Fire Stick. The Fire Stick comes with its own Fire OS and its own streaming apps are available on it like YouTube, Netflix, HBO Max and Prime Video and so on. The Fire Stick is also very sophisticated device as well.

User Interface Of The Device

Android TV is equipped with user friendly UI that provides a great number of options. The best part of this UI is to provide you personalize the content which you want to discover, you can move in search of finding apps front, back, and so on. In present, Android TV has been transformed into Google TV that offers you comfortable UI. The user interface of Fire Stick is advanced too. Many of the spec is dedicated to the Amazon prime that motivates customers to watch Amazon’s streaming applications. A unique thing of Fire Stick is its very colorful and vibrant homepage. In general, it gives satisfaction to the eyes of the viewers.


In terms of playing games, both are not well-known for this purpose. Android TV is not compatible with all sorts of games but a few of the games can be played on it like crossy road and lightweight can be played with ease. In terms of playing games on Fire Stick, a few of the games are welcome including SNES, bad land and so on.

Android TV vs Fire Stick is having state-of-the-art technology, it is very hard to say which one is better, and both are having good reputation in the arena of the entertainment. All the features which have been explained above, both are having healthy competition between them.  

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Head To Head Comparison Between Android TV Vs Fire Stick
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