Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004

Amazon Fire Stick is one the best streaming devices which can easily convert your regular TV into smart TV due to its smart features, it has been the first choice among its users, therefore  Amazon is selling it like a hot cake in the market globally. But no human invention has ever been flawless. In the same way, Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004 is fairly a common problem that users experience on Fire Stick, on the other hand, it is very hard to identify and resolve this issue due to the large numbers of factors occupied.

Amazon Prime Video carved its place everywhere in the field of entertainment because it offers so many things for the users to watch like TV shows, movies, other content on-demand, you will never feel par below of content when it is all set to entertain you. But one technical error crops up that can prevent you from enjoying your TV shows or movies as well, unlike leading streaming amusement services. Amazon Prime experiences come up with mainly frequent technical issues and the most common is Prime Video Error Code 5004.  If you want this technical error to overcome as early as possible, this blog is going to help you fix it.

Reasons Behind Prime Video Error Code 5004

There are many reasons which can create Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004. Before going to find solution of this error, it has been necessary to have a glance on those causes for the users.

  • Poor and interrupted internet connectivity.
  • Firewall either on your computer or network.
  • Using any VPN or proxy.
  • Using any antivirus and other security software.
  • Outdated Amazon prime video app.
  • Amazon prime app might have any bug.
  • Corrupted cookies and cached data.

Steps To Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004

There are a lot of reasons that cause this error. In the same way, there are plenty of ways to fix the error such as you can contact Fire Stick Support Number and ask for help. Each solution corresponds to the reason that has caused the error.

Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004

Internet Connection with Good Strength

First and foremost, you must check your internet connection if it is not stable or slow, it would certainly cause hindrance proper streaming or would cause Prime Video Error Code 5004. Firstly, you must check the accessibility of internet connection; further move to run the speed check.  There are a few steps which are given below to follow.

  • Go to the setting of your PC.
  • Tap on the section of connection.
  • Hit on Wi-Fi option and check if access is obtainable or not.
  • Just coordinate your connection provider after a few minutes of this process.

Disable Firewall, VPN and Proxy

In order to encounter this issue, you must disable proxy; uninstall antivirus software, firewall, and VPN.  VPN and proxy can cause traffic encryption that creates hindrance in finding access to servers. In the end, to overcome Prime Video Error Code 5004, you must disable these factors as quick as possible.  These steps are followed by users to uninstalled proxy.

  • Move to open your chrome.
  • Go to the setting of your chrome.
  • Unlock the proxy settings.
  • Disable proxy.

Remove all the cache and cookies

Remove all sorts of cache and cookies which create problems while watching Amazon prime video. Due to cache and cookies, your data can be corrupted. Thus, you are supposed to overcome this barrier. The following steps will help you.

  • Unlock your chrome on PC.
  • Move to history or click “Ctrl+ H”
  • Go to a new bar open; from that place, remove the cache.

When you come across Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004, just follow the above-given steps and tips that will help you fix this error 5004 with in a snap of finger. In case, this article proves unhelpful, you can make a contact with our dedicated team members who are ready to provide help.

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Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004 on Fire TV Stick
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