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Many Amazon Fire Stick users don’t know that they can use Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, on their Fire Stick and Fire TV devices. More than that, they do not know the fact that using Alexa with Fire Stick is so much more easier than just simple voice control. After all, the first time Fire TV was released it already has built-in voice control. 

Fire TV’s own voice control allows you to search through Amazon’s ecosystem easily. You can merely voice out a search for whatever you are looking for – movies, shows, apps, and all other forms of media. The built-in voice control is great, it was not that incredibly useful but things changed thanks to Amazon Alexa, an incredibly powerful voice assistant.

What is Amazon Fire Stick Alexa Feature

Fire Stick Alexa feature is identical to that of the Echo platform except for one and that makes Alexa an easy integration to the functions of your Amazon Fire Stick.  The only difference between Fire Stick Alexa and Echo is that the Echo device has an always-on microphone, so you can use Echo device without physically interacting with it but to use Alexa on Fire Stick, you have press the microphone button and Alexa will start listening to you.

It is a bit inconvenient but still, using Alexa on Fire Stick allows you to do a lot of great things you can’t do with Echo. Among those things include calling up Prime streaming music, checking the news, asking about the weather, adding items to your shopping list, and more. With all the great things you can do with Alexa, here is how you can use it on Amazon Fire Stick with ease.

How To Use Alexa on Fire Stick

Fire Stick Alexa Remote

#1. On the remote controller, locate the microphone button – press and hold it. While the button is pressed and held, try it out by speaking (the word “Listening…” will be seen on the screen).

#2. The Alexa is known to be fast that you can get feedback to your commands almost instantly. On the screen of your television, you’ll see the information, movies or any media that you asked from Alexa. You can just hit the back button if you want to return to the main screen.

#3. If you have used Amazon Echo before, every possible command you tried with Echo works with Amazon Fire Stick Alexa as well.

But with Fire Stick, you don’t need to say “Alexa” in every command. You can check out the various tricks you can do with Alexa on Fire Stick through the following menu:

  • Settings>
  • Applications>
  • Alexa>
  • Things to Try

You can find here a list of all the commands that you can use with Alexa on Fire Stick. Some of those things include using Alexa in creating your shopping list, using it with Audio books, creating calendar entries, and a lot more. If you find it difficult to use contact Amazon Fire Stick Support for better understanding of Alexa on Fire Stick device. One of the advantages of using Alexa on Fire Stick is you don’t need the Alexa app to use it.

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How to Use Amazon Fire Stick Alexa Feature For Voice Command
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